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Michel Bourez on Babies and Breaking into the Top 5 in 2012

February 1, 2012

For the past 3 years Michel Bourez (PYF), 26, has been one of the standout performers at just about every stop on the elite ASP World Tour. The surfer known as ‘The Spartian’ has improved in leaps and bounds with every year he’s been on tour; in 2009 his rookie year he finished 21st, in 2010 11th and then last year 6th. We got in touch with Bourez while he was at home in Tahiti to congratulate him on the new addition to his family and talk about his goals for 2012.

Congratulations, we hear you’ve had a baby boy! How’s fatherhood?
My son Kaoriki was born on the 9th of January and since then I don’t sleep very much. I talk about him everyday, he became the center of my life, you want give everything you have to your kids. My goals in surfing are much stronger because I will surf for him now.

Overall, how do you feel about your year on tour last year?
I feel good about last year, I was focused the whole year and finished 6th in the world. With such talented surfers on the tour it was amazing for me to do so well. I also really enjoyed the race for the Triple Crown which gave me some good experience.

It’s great to see you crack the top 10, was that your goal for last year?
Yes it was. To make the top 10 was a dream for me, it means so much to me. Now I can tell my son that his Daddy was 6th in the world!

What was your best moment on tour last year?
It was here in Tahiti, the waves were amazing and we finally got to surf the real Teahupoo. We also had a bonus with the tow session, it was huge and mental. I did get a good result in the contest, but I had an awesome time free surfing with the boys too.

You were one of the most consistent guys on tour last year what’s the key to your success?
Staying focused is the main key to my success. I worked a lot with Firewire to get some boards for all different conditions. I knew what I had to do to make heat because I’ve learned a lot on these last 3 years on tour.

What kind of training have you been doing in the off season?
I’ve been surfing a lot and when the surf is flat I do some work sessions out with my neighbours, nothing too tough, but enough to stay fit and ready for the upcoming season.

In 2009 you finished 21st, in 2010 you finished 11th and then last year 6th. You keep getting better every year, what can we expect from next year?
2012 will be different, I want to stay in the the top, but my goal now is to make the top 5. It’s going to be hard with all the rookies on tour, but if I’m consistent again this year, I think I will make it.

Will we see you as a World Title contender in 2012?
I don’t think so, I need to learn more again. The tour is long and hard and I plan to be a world title contender by 2015 because I know that I’m getting better with the time. I’m getting wiser too, I don’t rush things anymore.

What are you thoughts on the recent changes to the tour?
I like it better this way, but it does not change anything for me. If you have a goal to be in the top 5 that means you will make the cut for sure.

What events are you most looking forward to for 2012?
I’m looking forward for Fiji, I’ve never been there. I have watched that wave only in movies or during past event webcasts, it has been a dream to go there. I also need to make better result at trestles too, so I’m looking forward to that event. Teahupoo will be the main one because I’m home and I surf that wave all the time.

Thanks Michel, see you at Snapper.
Take care.

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