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January 26, 2012

As 2012 gets going we wonder what new and exciting challenges await us, how many waves we’ll catch, how many boards we’ll break – and if we’ll catch those wonder waves this year! We’re also left wondering if there will be a dynamic governing body for British Surfing again… we all hope the answers yes! He’s a little information straight from the guys at Surfing GB that are trying to accomplish that aim, they’ve put this short statement out to keep everyone in the loop…

New Year….New begining

“It’s well known that British surfing has seen its fair share of administrative problems in recent years, but this week’s meeting, between Surfing Great Britain and members of the steering committee, has resulted in good news for everyone who cares about surfing in this country. Divisions have been healed and tensions laid to rest. There’s a real buzz now about where we can take British surfing competitively – we want to have a British surfer on the World Championship Tour within 10 years – but it’s been vital all along that grass roots interests up and down the country are also looked after. The deal this week, between SGB and the steering committee, will see this happen and make for a bright future for UK surfing.”

Alex wade – Chair of the Steering committee.
January 20th 2012

For more information check out Surfing GB

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