Eyeball HQ

Summer Afternoon

January 24, 2012

Well… Taj is still ripping!

If you were thinking there was going to be a full changing of the guard in 2012 this may make you think otherwise.  Taj tearing it apart at home, still up there with the best of them!  The Eyeball HQ consensus is that either TB or Parko must be due a World Title… maybe this is the year for a wise head (that’s not Slater!!) to prevail?!

”A couple of sessions at home in Jan. Film / Edit Elsegood Production”

And if all that sunshine made you sad, check this to reassure yourself it’s not all sunshine and lollipops down under – Day 4 highlights from the Billabong World Junior Championships, in the pouring rain!

Mateus Herdy’s Solo Surf Session

Nixon | Moments to remember: Greek surf mission

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