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Atlantic Disarray

January 24, 2012

There is a proposal to construct up to 417 gigantic wind turbines in the outer Bristol Channel in the middle of a triangular area between Lundy Island, The Gower and Woolacombe, bounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the North Devon, Pembrokeshire and Gower coasts, between two proposed Marine Conservation Zones, adjacent to the existing Lundy Maritime Reserve and within the boundaries of the North Devon Biosphere Reserve.

The scheme will directly impose significant financial building and continual operational costs upon energy consumers through increased bills and, indirectly, through government financial incentives to developers.

Energy production will be intermittent and will not facilitate the removal of existing coal, gas and nuclear energy systems because of the need to have back-up capacity when wind-produced energy drops.  The knock-on effect of this will also be a much smaller reduction in CO2 than the developers claim.

Each of these machines, which will be up to 600 feet high, will be approximately 30 feet in diameter and anchored to the seabed by hundreds of tons of concrete and surrounded by 6000 tons of boulders to protect each base.  This “Atlantic Array” of turbines could have a significant effect upon the swells reaching Bideford Bay and Westward Ho,  Saunton, Croyde, Putsborough, Woolacombe, Combesgate, Lynmouth and beyond, The Gower and other South Wales beaches.  What do you think about this proposal? Check it out and let us know…

Learn a little more at www.atlanticdisarray.org.uk

Our main objective is to raise awareness on what is going on, a lot of people think that it is already a foregone conclusion that this will happen; others haven’t even heard about the proposals – we will keep you informed and up to date as things progress, please let us know your thoughts below.

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