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January 23, 2012

In case you hadn’t noticed, every man and his dog watches the webcasts of the world tour surfing events these days. All of the dream tour surfers battling to secure their rankings on the one world system. Also like everyman and his dog you probably play a fantasy surfing type game made by a famous American surf publication that allows you pick a team of surfers for an event and then scream and curse at your computer screen as they all get eliminated in the first round. Well in case you didn’t realise all of the surfers that make it onto the dream tour have to qualify for it somehow. Where do you think Medina, John John, and Pupo have arrived from?  The more switched on of you will know that i’m talking about the W.Q.S (World qualifying series)

This is the not so glamorous tour that the young guns slave away on trying to become part of the worlds elite and instead of two man heats they have to surf four man heats in sometimes pretty regular waves. The great thing about this side of the tour is that all the contest are graded in a star system (the more stars the higher the ranking event) and they are all available to watch from the comfort of your front room on your laptop. Anyway now i’ve given you an overview of the basics of the tour now is the time to listen up and get involved.

www.fantasyprosurfing.com is run single handed by a non profit making guy called Trent from orange county.  He has developed a site that is so highly addictive and playable that the wife hates it as soon as another surf contest pops up on the webcast.

In this game there are no budgets, no mid year cuts, no surfers going up in value so you have to keep them for the whole year. The format is simple. Every surfer that enters the contest is split into three different coloured sections depending on their ranking on tour. Red – Highest seeded surfers, Yellow – Mid seeded surfers, Blue – Low seeded surfers.

Basically you can pick no more than four red, four yellow and four blue surfers , to make up a team of twelve surfers for each event. Every event is different there fore you pick a different twelve surfers for every single event.

The joy of this is that you get to realise who the up and coming shredders are all over the world and get to see incredible surfing from some young Brazzo or Aussie that you didn’t even know existed.
This game is better than Fantasy surfer in every single way and Trent has struggled to operate it all off his own back. It is a completely free game and i urge you to go out there right now and select your team for the season that is due to start this Monday with the Volcom Pipeline Pro.

I guarantee you that as soon as you hit this site up you will be hooked and wont look back. Select a team, get a cool team name and bring on the competitiveness that we all love. (oh and the fun, its all about the fun isn’t it) You can also select your friends teams when the contest has started so you can compare your teams as surfers get eliminated and you receive the scores for their efforts.

www.fantasyprosurfing.com do it and do it now.. comp starts tomorrow..

oh and watch out for the Bcats funbuns team..  they’re killer!

See you in the forums.

Cheers Barracat

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