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Clive’s Alive & Lloydy Sized Lefts

January 22, 2012

I know it’s been on everyone’s minds and I’d now like to put them at ease, Clive the swan lived to tell another tale and it didn’t cost us a penny, just a few hours of our precious time.  The vets said all he needed was some good rest and he was released back to the wild with his other swan mates, close to where we found him at the beginning of the week.  What a happy ending!

Apart from saving wildlife we’ve also been doing a bit of surfing but I’m starting to worry I’ve turned into Lloydy, with really bad winds and stormy seas we’ve ended up doing ridiculous amounts of driving which is slowly driving me round the bend and all we’re surfing is small lefts. Which obviously is brilliant and possibly a dream for him but sadly not so for me…

Next week does look promising though, so fingers crossed.

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