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Wavegarden Spain to open its doors…

January 19, 2012

Well in case you had your head buried in the sand (synthetic sand?!) the first time around, the guys at Wavegarden UK are looking at bringing surfing to a city near you in the not to distant future.  In the mean time if you’re heading to San Sebastian any time soon you may be able to test out the technology, with the new Wavegarden over there opening its doors:

Because of increasing and significant public demand, and to fully support the fantastic reception to the announcement of Wavegarden UK’s project in Bristol, Wavegarden (the creators of the technology) have decided to allow limited public access to their new, larger, state of the art development facility near San Sebastian, in the north of Spain.

This will not only allow continued refinement of their exciting wave technology but will also allow Wavegarden partners across the world to demonstrate elements such as energy consumption, capacity and queuing systems before the first full commercial launch.

“We are working closely with Wavegarden and the fact that they will allow limited public access to their test facility this spring is very exciting. The facility in Spain is the showroom of the Wavegarden technology and differs from the UK project in a number of areas including facilities, ride time, lake size etc. For us, the surrounding gardens will be equally important as the wave and will be specifically designed to provide a healthy, educational and sensory experience.

“I’m sure there will be a lot we can continue to learn from Wavegarden and we are sure it will be a great success, I can’t wait to go and visit it!”
Nick Hounsfield, co-founder of Wavegarden UK.

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