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THOM – (Official Trailer)

January 13, 2012

Riley Blakeway is back with this, his latest film set to be released at the end of the month.  We’ve got a lot of time for all of Riley’s work so far and will be very interested to so how this turns out.

(Official Trailer)

A short, experimental documentary piece about a 19 year old teen growing up in Australia- Exploring the mind of modern youth and Generation Y.

Written and Directed by Riley Blakeway

Assistant Editor – Jeremy Asher Lynch

Film & Telecine – Nano Lab

Online release 31/01/2012

“Why did you make Thom?”

“It was about the progression of my work in film. That was another reason I wanted to shoot everything in Super 8. I funded everything myself and didnʼt send out any proposals or anything like that. It wouldnʼt really have made sense to do so. I wanted to keep everything as in touch with the reference piece as possible and keep it indie. I didnʼt want any “cool” brand associations. I wanted it to stand alone. A lot of the film was scripted, even down to the exact shot. But, mostly out of anticipation, as I know Thom so well. The socially awkward responses were something that I anticipated and knew would complete the film for me. At first, I dubbed all of my audio with an American voiceover but scratched it at the last minute because of the loss of chemistry. It was more pre- and post-production than almost anything Iʼve made. Mostly with the edit and sound sync working with Super 8. I had to shoot everything in 30-second intervals to keep costs down and keep everything in sync. After finalising the piece to 12 minutes, I sent it to a studio in LA for the final mix. It came back sounding worse so I recorded all of the sound elements onto a tape using a four-track recorder and mixed the sound live manually. ”

~Excerpt from Stab Magazine~



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