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Ben Haworth – Waterfalls & Antibiotics

January 13, 2012

The start of the third week was like the start of any normal day in Costa Rica. Woken up by the alarm at 5.30 for our morning surf, stumbling down the little track towards the waves. Finding two foot clean waves without an ounce of wind, with the sun coming up. It looked like it could be a perfect day… Little did I know that after our 2 hour super fun surf, going back to the apartment I suddenly fell sick with a severe kidney infection – bad times! Within 15 minutes of feeling completely normal I was on the bed with two blankets and a hoody, freezing cold and vigorously shaking(how every one back at home is probably feeling right now anyway!), and being sick. After feeling like crap for 2 days and missing out on the surf I was on the antibiotics from the pharmacy and feeling back to normal. Soon made up for the missed surf as I’m back to surfing two to three times a day. Its been small this week averaging two foot but super glassy in the mornings with some fun shape waves. Saw something I never thought i’d see this week… Stuart Campbell on a longboard! He was frothing!

We heard a lot about these big awesome waterfalls an hour drive up the road, so one morning we got the bus at 6am and headed to Montezuma. We found our way there pretty easily and followed the track up the river to the first waterfall. It’s like something out of a film! Beautiful green trees, a nice big pool to swim in and you can stand under the waterfall as there is a little ledge behind where the water falls down. As we headed up to the second water fall there is a 40 foot jump, we all did the big ass waterfall and it was a mental feeling! As I jumped off the edge I took a breath ready to hit the water, only to realise I was only a quater of the way down, still falling! I had to take another breath just as I hit the water. The water was super cold when you hit it and super refreshing to start the day off. If you come to Mal Pais it is a must see.

We have had a good couple of days surfing this week but it is time to move on. We are off to Dominical which has a left hand point break, a hollow barrelling beach break and a long rivermouth wave, so we should have some good surf gossip for you on the next blog.

Stay tuned,

All photos (c) Tom Venables

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