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Off to Ireland

January 6, 2012

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

December was a pretty mellow one for me hence the lack blogs- there was a couple little windows of swell and good wind in Ireland which could of gone either way. It’s always a tough call but I decided to stay put and missed, by the looks of it a pretty epic few hours at Mullaghmore, which is like a dagger to the heart. But as they say there’s always next time… well I hope!

So just packing up the van and plan to spend most of the next 3 months freezing my tits off and hopefully getting some big waves in Ireland, got a few new boards for the trip which I can’t wait to test out. 2 big wave paddle boards from Diplock, 9’7 and 8’4, and also a brand new spanking Gulf Stream tow board which is 5’11. All 3 look like little gems and hopefully I’ll let you know how they go soon!

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