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Stu Campbell – The New Year

January 5, 2012

My year started on the beach alongside hundreds of people, there were huge driftwood fires, locally made fireworks and a complete disregard for safety- it was awesome! So what if a few fireworks didn’t leave the ground before exploding, no one got hurt. Then I had a jump around to the locals choice in music, Reggatron.  A mixture of Reggae, House and Electro popular because each track is 2 hours long and the DJ’s are really lazy.

Stuey doing his best impression of an un-exploding firework!

2011 was a lot of fun, as it was my last year in the Pro Juniors I did a lot of traveling up until October I was hardly at home! 2012 means WQS, I am stepping it up and mixing it up with the big boys. This year is also the last year of Russ Winter dominating the UK events, I am going to take over. I told Russ this at the UK Pro Tour awards night,  “bring it on!” He said. So now its on! Have you seen the size of the trophy? I only want to win so I can drill 2 eye holes in it and wear it as a helmet. Until the first contest in April I have a lot of training to do but don’t worry, it would be a really boring blog if I just told you how many push ups I can do or how good I am getting at skipping (I am rapid!).

Flaming BBQ pit!

The surf has been small, the sun has been hot and the pelicans have been cruising about. Now there is no swell at all. Perfect for practising airs on the rampy north beach of Santa Teresa (no swell is chest high waves). It is a magic place.  Aside from surfing I have been jumping off waterfalls, feeding monkeys by hand, swimming, and attacking all you can eat pizza (the greatest discovery yet). Local food here is similar to Indonesia good old rice and beans, but it is all about the Argentines’s BBQ pits (pictured). They know how to cook a good steak.  Another great discover is Oat based milkshakes, 12 bananas and a pineapple for 2 dollars blend it all together to make rocket fuel. Bursting with energy my only worry is how many bananas can you eat before you get Potassium poisoning? I will ask the monkeys they are back in our neck of the jungle, which is nice until they open there mouths. If you have heard a Howler monkey you will understand, they make the best alarm clock.  If you haven’t youtube them….

Banana buddy & alarm clock

Boards! 5 isn’t the max I can fit in my boardbag, but anymore and you risk some serious charges from the airlines. I have two small wave boards (Octopus and Elephant) shaped by Luke Budd, I have been riding them most days here. I’m especially enjoying the extra volume in the nose which is great to have whilst practising airs. Piranha board is a 6’0 my standard shortboard, this one has a slightly tighter tail for the steeper waves out here. Lighthouse is a 6’1 from back before we all started riding shorter fatter boards. I rediscovered it up in Thurso when I needed a faster, sharp, carvey board for Thurso East. I then won the British title on it in big waves so it earnt its place back in my quiver! Panda and Albs is a Tufflite 6’1 for big monster barrels, I was told it is indestructible- I can’t wait to test that claim!

The Quiver

Got to go my beans might be done they have been in the pressure cooker for over an hour.

Stuey x

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