Eyeball HQ

Just another day at D”BAR

December 19, 2011

The news that an arrest warrant has been put out for Sunny Garcia comes in the same week as this footage of a brawl between a surfer and body boarder has emerged from Duranbah, Australia.

If you head about 1min30 into the clip the footage shows the surfer apparently having dropped in on the body boarder.  When the surfer paddled back out after the wave, several of the body boarder’s friends started abusing him and one punched him in the face.  This led to it being taken to the beach and a totally pointless brawl ensuing, until finally being split up.

So, although you may get a bit chilly pulling on your stinky wet suit for your mid tide surf at Woolacombe at least you have 2 miles of beach to share out between the 4 other hardy surfers – unlike D’Bah which is more like 2hundred metres shared between 4hundred surfers!

Of course we in no way condone violence at Eyeball HQ – but here in the office we scored the fight in favour of the body boarder in a split decision, based on the face he still had one fin on when the first punch was thrown… What do you think?!



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