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December 2, 2011

In life success often comes down to your state of mind. If you show confidence, courage and a positive attitude there is no ceiling to your potential and your achievement.

Points to lead your life by


  • Turn that frown upside-down.

The importance of a positive mental attitude can not be underestimated. It can be the difference between winning and losing, recovering from an injury, achieving a goal, being successful, seducing a woman (or man). Be proactive and tackle problems head on.  If you have a hangover, don’t lie on the sofa in a pool of self pity. Instead drink 3 pints of water with lemon to cleanse the liver, eat 2 bananas, and jump in the sea (cryotherapy).  Look at everything in a positive fashion, for example I don’t see myself as having a big nose, I see it as a magnificent nose.  Big is beautiful, why is ‘big’ good for a penis and bad for a nose?


  • Find the Balance

My lecturer at university told me this when I used to turn up to lectures still wearing my silk dressing gown and stinking of booze.  It always stuck with me.  “Life is a balance between fun and fulfilment, too much fun and you won’t be happy, too much work and you won’t be fulfilled”.  I listened to him and by the 3rd year I was working like a mentalist and squeezing in some fun too.  I even won the University prize for my studies which was quite a big deal.  The mayor gave me a £100 book voucher, which I spent on educational Harry Potter novels!


  • Turn negatives into positives

“Dat de dat don’t kill you m m m  make you stronger” (Kanye West)

 In his autobiography Mick Fanning states that he never would have become world champion if he didn’t rip his hamstring off of the bone!  He became the most dedicated, determined, focused he’d ever been through diet, training, and yoga.  “Even though it was bad for my body, it was a million times better for my mind and my heart.”


  • Give and expect to receive nothing in return

“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”


  • Think outside the box (Fling open the doors of perception)

‘Life is not a rehearsal’ (Kenny Dalglish, 1986) Do what makes you happy and if you’re not happy change it; you always have a choice.


  • Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is infectious.


  • Praise Burger

Surround your criticism with 2 freshly baked pieces of praise.


  • Set Goals

Set short, medium, and long term goals for your training and for your life.  This gives you something to aim at.  Make a list of things you’d like to achieve this year and stick it to your bedroom wall.  Make it happen, it won’t happen by itself.  Shoot for the moon, even if you don’t get there you might find a sparkling star en route! (Hippy)


  • Orgasm

You can get the same amount of endorphins from an orgasm as you can from eating chocolate, but you are expending rather than consuming calories.


  • Don’t think just feel

Enjoy the moment, don t think to much about the future it comes soon enough.


  • Do more , Eat more

Get off your ass.  Or more scientifically “thermoneogenesis”.  Do more, eat more to boost your metabolism.  Eat nutrient dense calories.  Eat with winner of the best chef in Devon 2011 , Noel Cortson at the courtyard Woolacombe.  You don’t have to spend the whole winter watching reality TV shows! (I do secretly fancy Fatima Whitbread though).


  • Life’s too short not to dance with fat women

I got in trouble for putting this in a booklet I wrote for a health course at Petroc.  However I think it’s a celebration not a discrimination, and a metaphor to enjoy everything and everyone.


  • Be professional but don’t sacrifice your soul

For me being professional in your career doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personality.  A friend of mine in New Zealand, a teacher and rugby coach, was the heartbeat of the school and always kept the moral high during stressful times.  He got a job as assistant principal of the school.  One day I hid his shoe in the freezer and he limped around all morning shouting at kids.  When he found out it was me he said: “Blakey I’m in a position of responsibility now you can’t do this any more”.  I replied “I understand but don’t sacrifice your soul; this school needs your personality”.  My Visa had run out.  The next week we were in a meeting and two policemen came in looking for Andrew Blake.  They handcuffed me; put me in a police car, drove me to the airport and said I’d outstayed my visa and had been illegally teaching for 8 months.  I would never be allowed in the country again.  Anxiously I arrived at the airport to find the assistant principal, and the principal standing in the waiting room laughing.  “Haven’t you got kids to teach” I exclaimed.  “Yes but don’t sacrifice your soul” they replied!


  • Don’t sacrifice your health for your wealth

Reprioritise your life.  What is really important to you?  Work, making money, or your health and the well being of those you love?


  • Don’t worry about all these points, just enjoy yourselves.

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