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North Canyon TOW-IN Trials

November 30, 2011

The reality about contests is that folk only remember the winners, who cares who came second, third or even fourth… Think that’s why I’ve never been into surf contests as I’ve never really won one worth winning and I can’t stand losing.

So as you’ve probably guessed with the dribble above we didn’t win the North Canyon Tow in trails but we did come second, not that anyone cares.  As usual I was extremely disappointed by coming 2nd but at the same time extremely happy as we unexpectedly won 2 grand which was presented to us in a comedy cheque and a massive bowl that looked a bit like a potty, which is definitely the best 2nd place prize I’ve ever won and the potty will always come in handy.

So maybe coming 2nd isn’t that bad after all although next time I’m positive we’ll win.


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