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Vans World Cup of Surfing – Sunset Beach Official Forecast

November 27, 2011

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Solid North-northwest swell peaks on Sunday, along with strong ENE trades. Smaller, fading surf prevails early next week as trades back down. A medium size Northwest swell will move in for Wednesday, with even larger Northwest swell for Thursday before easing Friday.


SWELL/SURF: Solid NNW swell peaks in the morning with double to triple overhead waves at Sunset (12-15′+ faces) and occasional bigger waves up to 18-20’ faces.
WIND/WEATHER: Strong ENE trades 15-22kts.


Dropping NNW swell. Biggest early with overhead to double overhead+ sets (6-10-12′ faces). 
WIND/WEATHER: Easing East/ENE trades 15-18kts+. 


SWELL/SURF: Old NNW swell continues to drop out with head high surf in the morning (4-5’+ faces). New NW swell starts to build late.
WIND/WEATHER: East/ENE trades 9-13kts.

Increasing NW swell with 6-10’ faces and some bigger sets over the afternoon as WNW/NW swell builds. Stay tuned.
WIND/WEATHER: Light Northeast trades in the morning 7-10kts, building to 10-15kts in the afternoon and shifting ENE. 

Stronger NW swell builds in, if the storm behaves as forecast, with 10-15’+ faces. Stay tuned.
WIND/WEATHER: ENE trades 10-15kts. 

(Sunset waiting period: Nov 25th – Dec 6th)

A solid NNW swell (320-355) will build in and peak on Sunday, from a strong storm that has pushed down toward the islands over the past couple days. Very solid surf on Sunday will back down through early next week.

Our next pair of swells will move in for the middle to second half of the upcoming week, from a two storms near Japan over the next few days. The first of these swells will build in on Wednesday (even starting to show late Tuesday) with overhead to double overhead surf at Sunset, if the storm behaves as currently forecast.

The second swell will be larger and fill in on Thursday with solid double to triple overhead+ waves at Sunset. Those waves then ease on Friday. Stay tuned, this will be highly dependent on how the storm actually behaves in the next few days.

Beyond that, the next swell we’ll be watching for is lining up for the 5th of December. This will be another WNW/NW swell and, while smaller than the mid week swell, still provides overhead waves at Sunset, if the storm behaves as forecast. Stay tuned, the storm that will produce this swell is still several days from pulling together.

WIND/WEATHER -  Strong ENE Trades will continue through Sunday, before gradually decreasing through the first half of next week and veering more easterly. The next front will sweep north of Hawaii around the middle of next week which will temporarily decrease trades further on Tuesday and into Wednesday. Northeast to ENE trades rebuild for the end of next week.

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