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November 10, 2011

Following the British Surf Championships and meeting of members of the surf community, selection and coaching team for the British Juniors was announced as: Joey Buran, Joel Gray, Lloyd Cole, Tony Good, John Ellis, Ester Spears, Dave Reed, Russell Winter.

The panel have met and discussed the best approach to selection and training for a GB Junior squad.

It has been agreed that for this winter a focussed development squad of 24 surfers works through a winter training and selection programme.

The panel has considered two objectives:

  1. Selection and preparation of a travel team for the ISAWJC, Panama 2012
  2. Long term development for GB junior squad for 2013 and beyond

The aim is a spirited competitive squad pushing each other through the winter, and for the surfers to be at the top of their game when the travel teams arrive in Panama.

Surfers who have just missed out on the squad will be encouraged to attend the training events during the winter in order to benefit from the process and to have the opportunity to stake a claim for places on the future development squad.

The squad selection process and future opportunity for prospective squad members

Each member of the panel has submitted 8 or more names for each ISAWJC division. The surfers have each been ranked by the individual panel member according to known 2011 results. All the panel member’s rankings for each surfer have then been collated to give each surfer an overall ranking. From that final ranking a top 8 in each ISA division has been derived.

In future, any surfer who wants to may submit results from competitions to the panel for consideration. Qualifying contests will include UKPSA contests and other NGB recognised contests, to be approved by the panel as soon as the 2012 calendar is published (and as soon as the NGB has established itself). The panel will review the squad on a continual basis and future selections will be based on results, not on the “judgement” of individuals.

Travel Team selection

Final team selections will be based on a ranking derived from current rankings plus performance during winter training. Surfers who attend the winter training events will have a chance to compete for team places. Attendance for squad members is compulsory to at least one of the training events and any surfer who is not present for any of the training dates will need to have contacted the panel and explained why they are unable to attend. Surfers who are unable to attend any training date due to travel commitments must keep in close contact with the coaching team to ensure they keep up with the objectives and focus of the training.

Provisional calendar for the GB Junior Squad.

Date Event Location Coach(s)
7th November Announce Squad on British Surf Champs
12th&13th November Squad meet at UKPSA contest. Fistral beach Newquay.Squad to be encouraged to enter competition. Joel & Tony to make contact with all who compete and provide feedback to the rest of the panel. Joel GrayTony Good
27th November Squad meeting. Strengths, weaknesses and fitness conditioning Retallack, CornwallGoal Setting, Strengths & Weakness workshop. Strength & Fitness Conditioning. Joel Gray, Michael Pellegrino
3rd&4th December Squad meeting. Competition focus, Judging & Strategy. Croyde, DevonJudging workshop, Competition preparation, strategy & performance. Lloyd Cole, John Ellis, Ester Spears
7th&8th January Squad Meeting Retallack, Cornwall Joel Gray, John Ellis, Dave Reed, Tony Good
17th-19th February Squad Training Camp TBC Joel Gray, John Ellis, Joey Buran, Lloyd Cole
20th February Announce Team for Panama
3rd&4th March 1st Team meeting TBC Joel Gray, John Ellis, Lloyd Cole
31st March & 1st April Final Team meeting TBC Joel Gray, John Ellis, Lloyd Cole
April 14th-22nd ISA Games Panama Joey Buran, Lloyd Cole

The selection and coaching panel

 Joey Buran       Ester Spears      Dave Reed        Russell Winter

 John Ellis          Lloyd Cole         Tony Good        Joel Gray
The 2011-2012 Panel is made up of some of the most respected names in competetive surfing in the UK. The panel contains the top coaches in the UK who regularly work with and watch the GB juniors. Joey Buran brings his expertise from years of competing at the highest level and coaching the US team and GB 2011 team. Head Judge Ester Spears and Contest Director Dave Reed have watched and judged the GB juniors in competition more closely than any others in the UK over the last decade.


We are actively seeking sponsorship for the GB Junior squad programme, but to start things off the squad will self- fund based on training subs for each date the surfers attend. Fees will be £15 per surfer per day. This will cover coaches’ wages and expenses.

British Junior Squad 2011-2012

U-18 Boys


Luke Dillon                 Jobe Harriss               Harry Timson             Paddy Daniel                


Miles Lee Hargraves    Liam Turner               Will Davey                Simon Trebilcock

U-18 Girls


Tassy Swallow            Lucy Campbell            Laura Crane               Jaide Lowe

U-16 Girls


Ellen Harding             Emily Currie               Peony Knight               Flora Lawton

U-16 Boys


Taz Knight                   Max Payne                 Harry DeRoth              Dale Foster


Ed Smith                    Liam Murray Strout        Rhys Barfield           Angus Scotney

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