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Introducing Andrew Cotton.

November 4, 2011

This could be carnage and could go either way and although I haven’t been given too many guide lines I’ll try not to piss anyone off, cross any boundaries or over step the mark in too many ways and keep it as much surf talk as I can possibly muster up and take. 
Although to most that know or don’t know me this would seem very unlikely that the lovely humans at Eyeball have somehow given me the opportunity and a little space to keep you informed about my winter waves, it has actually happened.

Back in the day I used to spend the winter months in hot places such as Indo or Barbados and although the water was warm, waves fun, beaches fringed with palm trees, girls in bikinis, epic bars to drink and dance away the nights I never really knew what I was missing at home. Cold, nothing opens, depressing, pale, and grey but the North Atlantic does pump and as the changing of seasons means all of the above to most in some way or another it also means I’ll be doing as little manual labour and work as possible and surfing a whole heap.

So this is a little short of a couple waves from late last season and a warm up to what you can expect and a little insight into my change of reasons for surfing.

Over the next few months Eyeball will be working closely with Cotty and Wavedreamer to bring you exclusive content, amazing videos and some truly mind blowing surfing.

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