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November 2, 2011

This Tuesday saw the most impressive display of British surfing that i have ever witnessed.

The second stop in the Relentless super series graced the beautiful boulder lefts at our own North Devon super spot. The waves at Lynmouth have long been thought to be a secret as it only breaks in larger swells that have the majority of the masses scurrying off to Putsborough. For someone that has been surfing at the best left point around for about twenty years, i can safely assure you that one thing it isn’t these days, is secret!

Which leads us to the comp. Lynmouths only stand up local is Craig “Barney” Berry and with his kind permission the UK Pro surf tour was graced with the pleasure of surfing one of the countrys longest lefts. The one week waiting period that had been set offered up a swell forecast that you could throw a dart at and pretty much guarantee you were going to get good waves wherever day it landed on.

Tuesday were the cries a day before, and at dawn everything was set up and ready to roll with groomed 3ft plus waves pushing in at mid tide.

The first rounds were to be completed on the carpark high tide left peak and from the word go the surfing was electric. You’ve seen the W.C.T webccasts at the moment yeh? The best surfers in the best waves!. Well this was the British version and it didnt fail to impress. The goofy footers were releshing the lefts with Reuben Ash showboating a few throwaway airs in the early rounds.. But sticking just as many! Lyndon Wake was also another goofy surfing well in the first round as was Jordan Reed with some smooth surfing and the odd frontside reverse thrown in. But the regulars were blazing a trail to, with Russell Winter, Jayce, Oli, and Toby Donachie.

The early upsets were Stuart campbell who fresh of becombing British champ couldnt get the waves. Clifton also didnt get what he required and was sent straight to the rear of the carpark to slowly beat himself up, which be begrudgingly complied.

As the tide dropped so did the waves and the call to reconvene for the final at low tide blacklands echoed around the hillsides. Russell, Reubyn, Jayce, and Toby were the cream that met in the final.

400 metre rides awaited them plus two grand for the winner. Russ blazed to a good start with a ridiculously long left that he destroyed until his legs begged for mercy. Then he backed it straight up with another. Jayce and Toby were both battling for scores and although getting some great waves were struggling to get the best from the lefts. Reubyn however came alive and was smashing, floating and alley ooping all over the place. He was floating sections longer than most rides that your average Joe was riding. His speed was incredible and it made for the most amazing viewing with the dusty rainbows in the background and the fading evening light. Lets just say it was special.. really special, and if this is what the future of British surfing looks like then i want a piece and i urge you all to do the same.

Forget Trestles, Teahupoo, Snapper. Come and watch the next Uk pro tour at Lynmouth (if there is one) and witness some of the best surfing you will ever witness. Amen

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