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Final BLU 2011 – Gwithian

October 25, 2011

Gwithian Beach 22nd October 2011 and welcome to the forth and FINAL British Longboard Union Comp of the season.

Contest report by our roving reporter Guy ‘Board Barn’ Maddocks:

The comp was called ON early in the week despite the forecast for 25mph winds and 5m swell but, as is often the case with forecasts uh arrr, WRONG!  Infact we were greeted with offshore winds and 3 foot waves- Wahooooo!  Let the battle commence.

Although a few titles were already in the bag, such as Ben Haworth 2011 BLU Champion and Candice O’Donnell Ladies BLU 2011 Champ, there was still a lot to play for in the other categories and a wins a win after all, no matter what!?

The Masters was and will no doubt be in 2012 HUGELY contested, the smell of deep heat filled the car park… no seriously.  Alan Reed returning to competition after a few years away was favourite, but he needed to be placed top three in the final or Welshman Colin Bright could snaffle glory.  As for me (Guy ‘Mr Board Barn’ Maddocks), well I had a phone call from my wife saying there was a jar marked Guy’s Mojo on the kitchen table, did I need it???  To say I had a surf to forget is the understatement of the year, right after the heat I had to go down the beach for a free surf just to prove to myself I can still surf!

The heats got underway, surfers were eliminated and we were left with some cracking finals.

In the OPEN FINAL we had Connor Griffiths ( U18 competitior surfing great ) Ben Skinner, 2011 Champ Ben Haworth and Wales’s own Dan Harris.

In the U18’s FINAL it was The Board Barns Alex Maddocks, again Connor Griffiths, Jerseys ( and 2011 U18 Champ ) Josh LeMarquand and and Jerseys Ben Bates.

The Ladies FINAL saw North Devons Claire Smale, Emilly Currie, Becky Stanhope and Jersey lass Chantel Coote.

MASTERS, oh the Masters, Alan Reed was nearly in tears after being told he was through despite thinking he’d blown it in the semi’s.  It was a hotly contested round with Alan, Colin Bright, Paul Keano Keenan and Russ Pierre who was surfing very nicely indeed.  Alan seemed to be like a Rabbit caught in the head lights, a shocking start.  Nothing, not a wave for at least ten minutes from a guy who usually has to stop after his ten waves limit! Russ was in front, with Colin a close second and Keano third.  Suddenly Alan caught a wave – noseride, drop knee, noseride and another, BOOM! 1st or that’s how we saw it, Russ second, then Colin got busy, possibly moving up to second? Keano was not his usual busy self, the waves were tricky at this point in the comp though I have to say.

In the OPEN the two Bens were fairly quiet.  Haworth had one nice wave, Connor a couple of low to mid scores along with Dan Harris, then Skindog had a peach to move to 1st.  Haworth answered back with one, then another but then Skindog had a couple of blinders and was looking supremely stylish with some lovely noserides.  We had first and second, but who had third and forth?

Then it was the turn of the U18’s, by this time the wind had dropped and we had head high GLASS perfection to play with.  The Board Barns Alex Maddocks was on fire, super stylish, hang 5’s, 10’s with ease, sublime drop knees, all tight in the pocket.  What does this mean?  High 7’s from the judges, that’s what!  BOOM, in the bag, or was it?  Connor had a couple of nice waves but no real threat, as did youn Ben Bates, then Josh LeMarquand had the set wave of the heat and surfed it very nicely indeed, UH OH!  He needed a backup wave, so sat in the same spot and waited, in the mean time Alex had paddled over to try and find some cheeky lefts that Connor was loving.  A couple of killer waves followed and despite having to stall to miss a free surfer it looked very good for young Alex.

The LADIES followed and had the same conditions, I must give a shout to young Emily Currie who was in her second comp and found herself in the Ladies BLU Final, Go Girl!  Becky and Chantel were looking good but The Barns Claire Smale was looking VERY Good indeed.  The Girls had young Lucy Howell, Emily, Chantel Jenne and Chloe, the future is looking bright for the BLU with these girls coming through, that’s for sure.  This along with the U16 BOYS with Bena Bates, Sam Cavin, Raife Gaskell, Aaron Bright and Jack Unsworth*


1st Ben Skindog Skinner
2nd Ben Haworth*
3rd Connor Griffiths
4th Dan Harris

1st Alex Maddocks*
2nd Josh LeMarquand
3rd Ben Bates
4th Connor Griffiths

1st Alan Reed
2nd Colin Bright
3rd Russ Pierre
4th Paul Keenan

Cadets U16
1st Ben Bates
2nd Aaron Bright
3rd Raife Gaskell
4th Sam Cavin

1st Claire Smale *
2nd Emily Currie
3rd Becky Stanhope
4th Chantel Coote

* The Board Barn ‘ Dream Team ‘ Rider.

So a great result and end to a GREAT Season from the BLU, thanks to all the sponsors and a BIG thanks to ALL the competitors who without there would be NO BLU.
Alex Maddocks finished 4th in the U18 overall, Zak Lawton 2nd U18 overall, well done team.

2011 Championship results
1st Ben Haworth

1st Alan Reed

1st Josh LeMarquand

1st Ben Bates

1st Candice O’Donnel

Good night and god bless, till we meet again next season ( with my bloody Mojo I hope ) ;0)

Mr Board Barn
Guy Maddocks. x

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