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October 24, 2011

Did you get some last week? Did you manage to take the day off, take a sickie, ‘work from home’? Maybe you had an important meeting with the bank (sand bank) that you just couldn’t miss?

Or maybe you work for yourself? I’ll say this, looking at the number of white vans in the Downend car park, there must have been a lot of disappointed customers waiting for their plumbers, electricians, tree surgeons, and drain unblockers!

Or did you miss it? Just too much work on that day? I bet you spent half the day looking at the webcams anyway, squinting at the distant white water as the tide dropped, trying to make out if it actually was any good. We all do it, no matter how much it hurts. Bit foggy first thing and high tide was early, so Trev’s daily photos weren’t up to much. Not much activity on Facebook through the morning, no “That was soooo epic” status updates from your mates that live at the coast. Even Twitter wasn’t giving any clues away, with none of the local surf celebrities spilling their beans too early.

By mid morning you think that you’ve got away with it, MagicSeaweed must have got it wrong, you called it right for once. You’re even feeling a bit smug that you saved a day’s leave and £30 in petrol money. Then an email pops into your inbox from another wage slave friend “Have you seen this? So gutted I’m missing it!” It’s a link to the site that does occasional daily photos when its good; and it looked properly good, even an hour before dead low tide. Heavy, round, glassy, sunny. Grrrrr!

You’re in a foul mood for the rest of the day. You keep checking the webcams all afternoon and there is no mistaking it now. Clean lines rolling into every spot in Devon and Cornwall under a sunny sky; busy car parks; everyone getting their fill, except you. A couple of hours after low tide the social media sites wake up “That was amazing, my arms are going to fall off!” “Tons of barrels on the point this morning..” , “Woe is me – broke my brand new board!” And the pictures, the pictures are the worst; Croyde looking like Hossegor, Woolacombe looking like an Indonesian dream…..

It is times like these that it sucks to be a Weekend Warrior.

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