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Claiming’s the new not-claiming

October 19, 2011

Well, what a great event the Rip Curl Pro Portugal turned out to be – the world’s best getting kegged in heaving barrels, coming out and going nuts!  The main thing that we noticed here in office (when watching the webcast in between work obviously, ahem) was the later part – some mean claims getting laid down, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Now I know that Adriano De Souza gets a bit of a hard time of it (I personally haven’t got a bad word to say about him after he pulled in full points for my Fantasy Surer team) but his ‘ten’ claim in the final reminded me of Christiano Ronaldo whining to a referee (the barrel before the claim in this analogy would be Ronaldo rolling around on the floor after not being fouled)…  This is something that we don’t need to see in surfing, we could all see how crazy barreled everyone was getting with out the Hail Mary at the end!

I had a very witty article lined up for this in my head, but then I saw that both Kelly Slater and Stab had beaten me to the punch, so here is theirs instead!

Article from StabMag.com

Claiming’s the new not-claiming

Did y’notice the celebrations? The joyous fist-pump, self-applause, index finger-to-sky, bicep-flex, bicep-slap, two-handed gimme-ten, face-to-sky, arms-open how-ya-like-that, fall-onto-back-in-ecstasy that went down for the entirety of the Rip Curl Pro, Portugal? We did. We couldn’t help it. In the collage above, you’ll see Adriano De Souza, Michel Bourez, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Bede Durbidge, Julian Wilson, Freddy Patacchia and Chris Davidson throwing down all the aforementioned claim styles. Try and match the claim style to the picture!

We aren’t the only ones who noticed, either. “Claiming’s the new not-claiming,” Tweeted Kelly Slater. “I hope (Tom) Curren doesn’t watch these events.”

Jeremy Flores, sidelined with busted ankle, had plenty of time to observe: “Never seen so many claim (sic).Pretty much every waves.But i guess now that everyone claimed, u better claim too if you want the high score…”

Chris Cote, the exquisite man who edits Transworld Surf, said “Kelly (Slater) Claims a lot, and that’s fine when he rides waves like that.”

And Jamie O’Brien chose his favourite: “I think (Michel) Bourez just took claim of the event! So far.” We’re guessing he means the dropped-knee, arms-out, bowed-head (four down, three in on the collage). That’s our favourite, anyhow.

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