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UK Pro Tour – Three Degrees

October 7, 2011

The UK professional surf tour hit off its three degrees tour at the start of this week comprising in three different event locations around the British isles over nine days.

The first port of call was sunny east coast holiday destination Scarborough. Sunny it was! unfortunately waves there were none, and the entire event had to be binned and points and prizes were shared evenly between the contestants.

The next stop was all the way up onto the North coast of Scotland to the legendary Thurso east. A magical right hand reef/point in a quiet tucked away scottish village. This is one of Britains finest waves and has certainly earned its reputation of being world class.
The fine weather from the east coast and the last of our indian summer had receded and the autumnal bite was kicking in. Long johns were being sported and de icer applied to the cars window washer bottles as the surfers were greeted with small but perfect Thurso on day one. However the decision to whizz round to nearby Sandside bay (a steaming left hander famous for its radioactive particles) was made as it was a bit bigger.

Round one hit the water with standout performances from Matt Capel, Russ Winter, Reubin Pearce, and local Wooly boy Stu Campbell. Sam of the Lamiroy and Johnny Fryer were  also surfing well and took the win in their heats progressing straight to round 3 and avoiding the round 2 elimination.

The second day saw the event move back round to Thurso which was pumping. Pumping Thurso means crowds and crowds at world class spots dont like being told to get out of the water when a mobile contest rocks up. Oli adams got burned in his heat on his first wave and never really recovered. The offending Aussie (not really local) skulked off up the river to avoid the barrage of haggis that had been stocked up ready to pelt at him from the carpark.

Round 2 saw Stoksie, Lester, Butler, Wake, advance and keep there dreams alive. The surf was epic and the boys were laying down some man sized swoops and hacks and they even slotted a bit of shade from the cold scottish wind tucked up inside the cosy barrells.

When it was down to the semi finals it was a battle of the old vs the young, Russ winter had been eliminated in round 3 by Stu campbell and he was hoping to do the same to team mate Sam (paul can’t come on holiday) Lamiroy. Sam whipped out his cane and delivered the young pup a good whipping with Gordan Fontaine sneaking into second. The second semi saw Tom Butler smoke his adversaries with Micah lester pipping into second.

The final was a blaze of hacks and slashes similar to the many sword battles that must have occured around the scottish highlands.. Limbs were hacked off and victims bodys held aloft.. well ! it was somthing like that but slightly more surfing based.
The eventual winner was Micah with Gordon coming in second followed by Tom Butler and then Uncle Sam. Micah tucked his two grand cheque down his wettie jumped in the car and started to make the long drive down to Wales for the final contest in the leg.


1. Micah Lester 2. Gordon Fontaine 3. Tom Butler 4. Sam Lamiroy 5. Reubin Pearce, Stuart Campbell 7. Alan Stokes, Jayce Robinson

Ratings after Relentless Super Series Thurso

1. Gordon Fontaine 2. Russ Winter 3. Micah Lester 4. Sam Lamiroy 5. Reubin Pearce 6. Stuart Campbell 7. Richard Sills 8. Oli Adams

Main Photo: (c)Ester Spears – Estpix

You can check out more shots from the contests on Ester’s site – esterspears.wordpress.com/ – along with some lovely photographs and amusing quips.

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