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Eyeball / SurfersWorld Grunta League Contest 3

September 26, 2011

After a slight lapse of memory, due to the fact id been a bit busy of late I had overlooked the impending scheduling of the third event in the Eyeball Grunta league instalment – The Eyeball SurfersWorld 2011. An online social networking campaign to remind me began midweek and although all I really wanted to do with my Sunday was try and peep a few extra hours of kip in, I relented safe in the knowledge that the club chairman and his kooky sidekick would be there to aid me in the setting up of the contest site with moist anticipation.

Dawn of Sunday revealed an unusual sight as I cruised up to Combesgate to unload the contest stuff. There were some lovely 3ft clean waves rolling in and the tide was still dropping. I had to check I hadn’t accidentally hit the crack pipe instead of my usual double toast this morning, but after a good rub of the eyes I realised that we actually had some decent surf for a comp.

After Weeksie and myself had slogged through the putting up of the contest area we went straight to the beachcomber for check in guessing Archie and his goon sidekick had gone straight there, as there clearly must have been some kind of mix up with the time that they were going to meet us to help..

Five past nine a.m and everyone had pretty much checked in to the comp, except Josh and his bumbling little friend (the chairman).
Half past nine and the check in closes heats are drawn and the command for the first heat to get ready is given. Myself and weeksie jump in the ride and cruise to the gate.

Then the phone calls come.. Josh had the poor sense to rely on Archie and had expected him to check in them both. Alas Archie was embroiled in a wet dream of fantasy proportions and had failed to drag his pickled butt out of bed for the umpteenth time when he was required to do something.
Phones were slammed down, harsh words were uttered. But the rules stood, “you latey, you losey” Josh was way out of the running anyway but Archie could have gathered momentum with a result here. He didn’t, He came to a halt.

The contest got up and running straight away with Taz Knight battling his old man in heat one. Papa Knight tried to get his son called up on two interferences but to no avail as the youngest slammed the heat and sent daddy back to the landrover with his tail between his legs.
I smoked my first heat and must have been underscored for what I remember being a massive tail hack gouger slidey tweak followed by an eye watering cutback only to be given a 4.5, and when I say smoked my heat I mean just beating weeksie by about half a point. Either way me and the ginger man with garlic hands proceeded.

Other early round standouts in the open were Gravy boater Charlesworth who likes nothing better than to come over here from over the hill flouting his meaty turns and syrupy style that has ladies dropping at his feet. Alex gibbo Gibson was also surfing well and had styled his hair especially for the comp for extra luck. He said he felt more confident with an off centre parting as he could deliver more power into his frontside bottom turns. It worked? Lakka bru The Hutch was also hooting his way through with some critical saffa shredding He later confessed to using Velcro boots and deckpad in the semis where he crushed my hopes of victory by smashing my 5.1 heat total with an astounding 5.7 heat total. Shot my bru!

The mens final was horrible, two Croyde boys up against a saffa and Gibbo (who’s from west down) does anybody surf who lives in Woolacombe anymore? Anyway, there was a scurrying for waves that a small box of voles would have been proud of and everyone but Charlie got some waves under his belt. Taz tapped a few out, as did Gibson whilst The Hutch snagged some grovelers. The Charlesworths first wave came in at 7.5 and he then backed that up with an 8.5 for a series of turns that I thought were half as good as the one massive, spray chucking, earth trembling, fin bending hack that id done earlier. Pah!

The game was won and the little georgeham chap came in a reasonable second. Gibbo claimed a 3rd and The Hutch who was last seen waiting for “Just one more wave man” snaffled his first podium place of the season.

We also introduced a ladies division to the event this time and three of Woolacombes newest and finest surfers were on the case, Liv , Lani, and Becca, are the three girls you regulary see out at Woolie getting all the waves and dropping in on the longboarders. That is the Boardriders way right there, so when they said they wanted to surf some heats who the hell were we to stop them. It was a close final with everyone scoring some waves, But it was the big drops by Liv Bridges that sealed the deal for her with Becca Challacombe coming in second and Lani Ashford sneaking up in third. Keep an eye out for these girls because they’re going to be making you look average in the water anytime real soon.

The juniors had a good scrabble about in there five man final but it was a two horse race in the end with Taz mopping up the cream and Alex just behind him with a solid stab for glory. (That is probably the best sentence ive ever written.)

So back to the Barn for the presentation and a pint and it was to howls of disgust that Charlie was deemed victor of “The third leg”
Yeh right, in your dreams Charlesworth…….. ( not really, it was thoroughly well earned and unless something out of the ordinary happens Charlie is looking set for another league title win this year)

A big thanks to Eyeball and Surfers World for the goodies and thanks to Hunter for letting me nick some carrier bags for the prize giving. I woulda nicked a suit too, but the securitys too tight up in the main shop with chris working there. (eyes in the back of his head apparently) or something like that anyway.

Keep and eye out on the facebook page for when the final instalment of the Eyeball Grunta league is as the date is about to change..
Also put November the 26th in your diary as that will be the date of the W.B.S.C end of year party at the Red Barn and we are going to raise a goddam heap of cash for the Chemotherapy unit Appeal in Barnstaple so a lot of our good friends and family don’t have to travel down to Exeter everytime they need treatment..
A worthy cause.

Thanks again to SurfersWorld Matt knight and Nigel Gibson who always give their time willingly to help out with contests… Ginger and Gollum take note..

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