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September 26, 2011

Got any trips booked this winter? You know, the couple of months after Christmas when it really sucks living in the UK. One of the best things about being a surfer is that you don’t go on holiday – you go on surf trips. There’s a difference. There are few things better than leaving your dark and icy local surf break in the dead of winter to head off somewhere with the promise of epic waves – even better if it’s tropical, a bit sexy, and the beer is cheap.

The problem for us weekend warriors is that we are probably taking a bit of excess baggage. I’m not talking about the board bag; I’m talking about the wife and the mini-mes. I’m afraid it’s time to forget those £5 a day feral trips of your youth. No matter how good at marital manipulation you think you are, she just isn’t going to buy the Mentawi jungle as a family holiday destination.

You have to consider the kids too – you can probably forgive yourself that time you dropped them on their heads when they were babies, but you really should avoid crazy tuc-tuc drivers and cerebral malaria.

So planning a surf trip, or ‘holiday’ as your wife insists on calling it, is a never ending juggling act trying to agree a destination where you will get your surfing fix, and your family will remain disease free, un-kidnapped, and even have a half decent time themselves.

So unless your kids are albinos and your wife has got a Guinness habit, then Ireland is probably out this winter, or any time for that matter. We’re talking Portugal, south-west Spain, Canaries, or maybe Madeira . Cough up for long haul flights and you’re into the tropics or even the southern hemisphere summer. It can be done without remortgaging the house; expensive flights, but pick somewhere that is cheap when you get there and it almost balances out.  Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica – all family friendly and I hear they have a wave or two.

Morocco and South Africa for me this winter; where are you off to?

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