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September 26, 2011

So what’s this Local Lowdown Surf News I hear you cry?! Well, I’ll tell you….

Eyeball’s Local Lowdown covers each of our famous 5 surf breaks and gives you the… well, lowdown for each. Each and every report provides our surfers with all the news, Contest Reports, Big Wave Events, Airshows, Image Galleries, Shapers, Surf Schools, Videos, Forecasts and much, much more – of course including the naming and shaming of individuals, who did what, who did nothing, who did who. Anything goes.

All of this information comes from deep within that local area, straight from our carefully chosen undercover agents, who reside, surf and work near that break and who aren’t afraid to blow the lid on what’s been really been going down. We have no doubt that in the near future some of them will be quite simply living in fear.

It’s the Local Lowdown. 5 locations. 5 reports. Unlimited consequences.

Goes live 1st October. Stay tuned…

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