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XPY pro junior

September 20, 2011

This Sunday saw the coming together of some of Britain’s finest junior surfing talent for the XPY (xpress your self) One star pro junior held in Newquay, Cornwall.

Another dawn raid by myself and Ester fueled by peanut butter and marmite combo toast (try it!) and gallons of coffee saw us safely creep into Cornwall before dawn ready to judge the frothing groms. The initial contest site of Fistral was was given the “heave ho” after seeing the mile of unrelenting whitewater at the famous site, so it was a quick spin down to Tolcarne beach in the bay area to get stuck in to the smaller but still chunky onshore waves.

After a real lack of sponsors and backing for this stand alone contest it was great that Etnies stepped up to the mark and got involved throwing product and prize money at the competitors and officials alike. Its contests like these that keep the scene in the UK going and is so important for the future of our sport at the top level in this country.

There were two divisions, U16s, and Pro juniors U20s, it was hard to tell who was who as most of the young competitors were also blazing a trail in Pro event. Huge standouts in the little men were Taz knight from up our way who delivered some huge hooks under the lip on his backhand that scored big for single move waves.

Another standout that i had to repeatedly check was under sixteen was Jobe Harris from Bude. Damn this kids good, speed, flow, Power, style, its all there, this lad is one to watch for the future. Whats with all these good surfers from Bude, the Ash’s spring to mind.. Somthing must be going on down there in the drinking water cos every time i surf there i surf like a goon. (No change there then!)

Anyway the small fellows final was carnage within 5 minutes Jobe could have left the water happy. He destroyed two waves in quick¬†succession¬†and had the rest of the field combo’d and looking for miracle answers that never came.

The Pro junior had seen some hearty action to, with Alex Baker and Campbell blazing a trail to the final, Lewis Clinton also smashed his way to the final and was rinsing some sharp backhand snaps. Other standouts were Luke Dillon and Angus Scotney.. Jobe was also breaking hearts in the older divison but had his crushed in the semi and didnt quite manage the double.

In the final All the competitors started strong especially Alex who looked solid. Stu Campbell was slow off the mark but soon gathered pace with two solid waves and a right that saw him spank the living daylights out of it eventually sealing the win.

Thanks very much to the entire Clinton family for all the effort put into this contest the food was lovely as well.
Lets hope some more companies can throw some more money at comps like these in the future as they are critical for our guys to progress.


1st Jobe Harris,
2nd Angus Scotney
3rd Taz Knight,
4th Josh Braddock

1st Stuart Campbell,
2nd Luke Dillon,
3rd Alex Baker
4th Lewis Clinton

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