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It was epic. It was the Eyeball Wavesurfer Interclubs 2011

September 20, 2011

Friday night saw the first ever Eyeball Wavesurfer North Devon Interclubs, and man it rocked! As far as competitions go it had a bit of everything with the old guys charging the Wavesurfer, damaging brittle bones and bruising battle worn bodies, while the super groms just bounced down the face, jumped up and went again. Man I wish I was still a rubbery little grommet.

6pm saw the surfers hitting the Wavesurfer for a warm up hour, a kind of baptism of fire. We could have let this run for the next 3 hours as it was pure comedy gold – a ‘free surf’ as up close and personal as it gets with heavy consequences and bruising for major wipeouts.

Each team entering into the Comp had 10 surfers, this meant with Woolacombe, Putsborough, Croyde, Saunton and Westward Ho! We had 50 peeps ready to do battle, and a battle it was – mainly surfer v wavesurfer rather than man on man (lady, girl and boy). Brilliant.

7pm came and the start of the Comp loomed – 10 heats were ready to commence. Each team entered a surfer into a heat, each surfer in the heat rotated on the Wavesurfer – when you fell, which was often, the next surfer jumped on. At the end of these 10 rounds each team was able to nominate their best 5 surfers, these chosen few were sent to do battle in the watery lions den.

Each heat had 5 surfers, one from each team, each surfer then had two 1 minute surfs on the Wavesurfer – you were scored on each of these minutes gaining a possible total of 50 points as each minutes was scored out of 25. Our carefully selected panel of Judges had the power to determine the winner. At the end of the five 10 minute heats all the scores would then be totaled for each team rider and a team would rein victorious…

5th Place went to Westward Ho! These guys were brought over the hill by Jordon Reed, he led from the front coming a close second in the best bail category, looking the most likely to end up in A&E. Showing massive commitment to the cause which was mirrored by the Ho! riders!

4th place was taken by Saunton. They arrived on the back on controversy with the news that OJ freshwater has been left out the team after being informed by team captain Greg Norman that his surfboards did not contain enough stickers. Greg responded with “No OJ, you weren’t picked for the team because no one likes you”. Differences were put to one side allowing OJ to become team manager for the night – he headed up fancy dress. If it had been a catwalk and not a Wavesurfer they would surely have taken home the win, with Greg ‘princess’ Norman up to his usual tricks. That thong is still missing.

3rd place went to Croyde. These super groms were led by Andy Wall. There young guns swarmed over the Wavesurfer like ants on an ice cream! They charged it showing no fear and will be certainly challenging for the title in the coming years.  We certainly wouldn’t like to challenge these groms for waves on a busy 2-3ft Croyde lowtide sesh!

Ooooo its exciting now isn’t it…

Woolacombe took home 2nd place! The Ass bandits were led by the infamous Bcat, a tall man with no fear… balance or ability – but an epic fancy dress. Barracatt had a super plan to draft in the Wavesurfer lifeguards but fortunately this was scuppered at the 11th hour by the other teams. After drying his eyes he hatched another plan… He had chosen his warriers and they put in a pretty amazing show of balls to the wall surfing, neat 360 tricks and some comedy turns… well, I think they were turns.  Bcat was last seen trying to run off with the winners trophy… wearing a tiny blue pair of hotpants, a hat and some sunnies.

That settles it…

Putsborough smashed it up and took home first. They were led by Lloydy, rumours were rife that he had brought some ringers in – they weren’t wrong! Charlie ‘I’m cold’ Charlesworth went first posting a score to set up the team, Loydy also lit up the Wavesurfer with some consistent surfing (that’s all we’ll say), Rannochan launched into a huge number of massive air drop ins – making zero but winning the hearts of the crowd (well actually just making everyone crease up with laughter – but he had the last laugh after taking home the Wipeout Award – picked up on his way to hospital that evening). Cotty dominated with some impressive moves, his knee secured by a brace normally used when he’s charging big waves all over the world – this Wavesurfer is no joke peeps. They also had a secret weapon. Not a man. Not a boy. A surfing machine, a god trapped in a boys body. Finlay Lloyd stepped into the light, and up to the plate. He dominated. He took out his heat and the trophy for the highest heat score with an amazing 45/50. Even bowing down on his board to salute the crowd, in what can only be described as the greatest Wavesurfer claim the world has ever seen. Owned it.

All that’s left to say is a massive thank you to everyone that helped to organise, took part, all the surfers and their families, to Eyeballs sponsors and finally a huge thank you to Rudi and his crew up at the Wavesurfer who helped make this all possible! See you next year. 2012 is going to be epic.

Eyeball Wavesurfer North Devon Interclubs Results 2011

1st Putsborough – 176 Points

2nd Woolacombe- 168 Points

3rd Croyde – 151 Points

4th Saunton – 148 Points

5th Westward Ho! – 137 Points

He comes the comedy, check out the photos from the 2011 Eyeball Wavesurfer North Devon Interclubs…

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