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Innersection – Summer Round

August 6, 2011

Innersection is back for the Summer Round and from what we’ve seen it may be the best round yet.

For those that don’t know, here is how it works:

DISCUSSION: For the first week, we Rate, View and Comment on all the section. The point of this is avoid jumping to conclusions. Let the views and ratings lead to new sections to watch. Read the Comments for insight into the section. Share your opinion and feedback for the filmmaker. During this time, Premium Members submit their lists to determine the best TEN sections to advance (this ranking is reflected live on the home page).

RANKING: The second week, the Top 10 sections are put into ranking order by every Innersection Member. Each position in the order awards points (1st=10, 2nd=8, etc), deciding which FIVE sections will make the final DVD and compete for $100,000..

DECISION: Even as we’re announcing the winners, they’re probably back out their filming for their final. As we said above, these are just the applications… so the five that go onto the movie will have new music, new clips, new everything as they compete for the $100,000 “section of the year” grand prize.

As with every round, your votes determine four of the Top 5, and Innersection picks one Wild Card based on our vision for the final project.

Currently top rated is Gabriel Villaran and you can check out his entry here. This just goes to show the strength in depth of surfing right now as we had barely even heard of this guy!

To see what it’s all about you can watch the Spring Top Five Qualifiers in the video section.

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