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The Atlantic Watersports Games

July 30, 2011

Eyeballers… My apologies for not getting this live sooner but after the closing party on Thursday evening I’ve not been much good to man nor beast.

The Frivolities commenced on Monday morning and after the weekends Quiksilvers KOTG event the point at Downend Croyde was becoming a pretty familiar place.

I was only around at the surfing event at Croyde, but there was a host of watersports related mayhem going down at the other main North Devon hotspots. Saunton had Surf lifesaving, Westward Ho had Kitesurfing, Bideford Rowing etc. Croyde also had the pleasure of hosting the Surf kayaks event as well which was praised by Rob Tundish from Croyde surf club as being futuristic and radical..?

The event featured teams from across Europe and enjoyed solid competition from French, Portugese, and Cornish revellers.

From the word go there was a smell of bacon in the air. It may have just been coming from the refreshments area where they must have gone through at least four pigs and seven cows from the amount of meat related snacks that everyone went through. But it was the excitement of the competitors doing it for there county that had them riled up. Everyone likes to compete for their country but your county is your real homeland and that is worth getting amped about.

Its an U18 contest and the shortboarders were straight in there with a huge display of tapping, gouging, wafting and spinning, mainly from the big boys like Jobe Harris and Paddy Daniels for Cornwall and also Beau Bromham and Taz Knight for Devon.

The girls were shredding in the clean conditions too, with Peony Knight and Lucy Campbell looking good early on. The French girls were making a statement as well with some crisp surfing.

The contest also involved a not often seen side of surfing.. The Lid. Or otherwise known as Sponge, Shark biscuit, Speed bump or a waste of time. Croyde has a long and proud history of Sponging but it seems these roots are long dead as two of our Lads turned their heats into a circus act with gut sliding and double arm paddles sideways over the falls. Cory and Jack did us proud and I’m pretty sure nailed their heats with perfect tens all round. Either that or they got last I can’t remember.

Anyway to cut a long story short it was an amazing event with the help of a lot of volunteers, there was a lot of great surfing on Longboards Shortboards, and lids by kids of all ages right down to some real wee nippers. At the end of the three days it was a close call, but the results don’t really matter because it’s not all about winning is it..? If there’s one thing I can be sure of as a Woolacombe Boardrider its all about the taking part and not taking home the trophys. It’s these events that breed that kind

of fun and get people of all ages and all abilities together for a bloody good load of surfing at the beach. What can be better. It was so magical I feel like weeping a bit but I’m going to man up and get on with things.

Anyway I’d like to tell you the results but the truth is that I don’t really know the results.. I think that over all of the categories the overall winner was Brittany in France, and maybe just maybe Devon got second. From the celebrations on Thursday night you would have thought that we’d won the Premiereship with Woolacombe and Mortehoe f.c everyone was that buzzing. I think Cornwall got third but lets not quibble about it.

There was solid performances from Zak Lawton, Beau, Lucy, Laura, Peony, Taz, Will Bailey and the spongers. A big hearty pat on the back to all of you from me. North Devon surfing is frothing at the moment and its great to be a part of it.

Coming up next Saturday at Combesgate beach is the North Devon Interclubs which is going to be huge.. Teams have been notified and I know for sure that Croyde and Woolacombe have full squads ready to do battle.. All has gone quiet from Westward Ho and Saunton so lets wait and see if they can muster there guns and get down there.

Peace out

P.s if anyone would like to hire Tibbles for any Dj gigs he is available and only needs to bring his phone.

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