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Nike 6.0 Night Surf & Cash for Tricks

July 11, 2011

This weekend saw an event that will go down in U.K surfing history. It was the biggest, most impressive, well run and thought out contest that i have ever witnessed with my own two eyes. It was the Nike 6.0 Night Surf contest, the 3rd comp on the Uk professional surf tour and Nike had also thrown in the euro “Cash for Tricks” event which delivered some of the most mind boggling aerial surfing seen this side of Woolacombe?

Thursday morning saw myself and Ester on hand to help put up the lights and shuffle a bit of sand and fencing around and then onto the Nike Boardshort store in town to show our support. That and the fact it was free food and drinkies. The shop has a quality photo booth that allows you print your pics with your mates in the shop.. Everyone should have one of these in their front room… Priceless.

The first day of competition was a frenzy with all divisions blazing away in the 3ft waves. The trials into the main event were first with the likes of Mark Vaughn the welsh wizard and Lee Bartlett showing the youngsters how to apply the rail. Charley Charlesworth managed to scrape into the trials only to come up against Barters and Charley Martin (a ripper from France who got second in the cash for tricks main event). Unfortunately C man got smashed although he started well, he just needed a back up wave that never came.

By the time day one had come to a close we were down to semi finals in all divisions and we’d tested the power of the multitude of halogen based firepower. Better than ever before the lights blazed like the sun and it was easy to see how Saturday night was going to be special.

In between the main event was the mighty “cash for tricks” event also run by Nike 6.0 which showed crazy aerial surfing to the max. Whilst i was commentating we had had a diagram of all the different grabs and spins and stuff, it was like an impossible game of twister imagining ¬†how people can get in those positions without a compound fracture.

Reuben Ash was flipping and spinning and tweaking and grabbing and was basically spinning me out with all his antics. His brother Joss was also tapping some smooth punts. French men Gordan Fontaine and Charley martin were also going nuts in the fun little ramps.

Saturday evening was crazy, five thousand people on the beach, massive fireworks, huge bands and free drinks tickets. It was a special night and the guys were treated like superstars with hoots and cheers on the beachs. It was more like a festival or a football match or something with the atmosphere in the air. An amzing sunset was followed by the switch on of the lights and some savage surfing although the waves had dropped a bit for high tide. Russ as always was keen as mustard and with his entire family watching on from the beach he smashed his way to victory, he was visibly moved when he collected his cheque and trophy and that just shows how good this contest was. Other stand outs were Richie Sills, Oli Adams (the nicest guy on tour), Luis Eyre, Stuart Campbell, and sister Lucy who won the U16 girls.

Basically words cant really cover this one as it was so huge. Nike have signed this contest for next year as well so if i have one bit of advice its book the weekend off and get prepared for what will probably be an even bigger event than this year.

I’ll be there for definite

Peace out


U16 boys

Will Davey Lanza 1

Taz Knight Croyde 2

Harry De Roth St Ives 3

Rhys Barfield Newquay 4


U16 girls

Lucy Campbell Woolacombe 1

Flora Lawton Croyde 3

Emillie Currie Bude 2

Georgia Timson Newquay 4



Amy Stewart Aus 1

Hannah Harding Devon 2

Beth Mason Swansea 3

Gwen Spurlock Swansea 4



Ben Skinner St Agnes 1

Ben Haworth Devon 2

Angus Murray Polzeath 3

Adam Griffiths Newquay 4


Pro Junior

Luis Eyre Portugal 1

Luke Dillon Newquay 2

George Picking Newquay 3

Alex Baker Croyde 4


Open mens

Russell Winter Newquay 1

Gordon Fontaine France 2

Richard Sills S Africa 3

Oli Adams Newquay 4


Cash for tricks winner Reuben Ash.


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