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Mick Fanning on the No. 8, Central America, Dane and J-Bay

July 6, 2011

Mick Fanning (AUS), 30, former two-time ASP World Champion, is uncharacteristically sitting at 8th in the hunt for the 2011 ASP World Title. All this while putting in performances that have pundits claiming Fanning is surfing at the peak of his powers. While we’re approaching the end of our two-month hiatus for the ASP Dream Tour, Mick has certainly stayed busy. Australia’s Surfing Life (ASL) Magazine recently caught up the Gold Coast’s favorite son to pick his brain about the break and donning the battle gear once again. This…is their story…

How’s your holiday been? Would you say it’s a holiday? A break?

Ha, who knows? It’s been great. I went to Mexico on a Reef trip, then Fiji to shoot Rip Curl’s new campaign, so have done a lot of travelling. I also went to Taylor Knox’s wedding in Mexico, on the beach at Cabo.

What was that like?
It was all time! Taylor’s awesome, lots of people there, and Cabo isn’t exactly a quiet town.

Tell us about the Mexico mission.
The trip was mental, so fun. Originally I was going with Fish (Paul Fisher), and we were going to take Conner Coffin too, then he had to go to the ISA Games. Nutty (Reef team manager Heath Walker) started inviting all the guys. Ben Bourgeois jumped on, then Bottle (Jay Thompson), Shane Dorian, and we were like, sure, let’s roll with it. Then Dane Reynolds…

For full interview, check out ASL’s ‘Mick’s Bag of Results’

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