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GoldCoast Longboard Classic

June 20, 2011

Gold Coast Oceanfest Longboard comp sponsored by Frubob in association with The Board Barn.

Not as bad as the forecast had predicted, but still pretty gnarly to say the least, strong on shore wind forecast to get stronger!

The Oceanfest Longboard comp 2011 was good to go, heats got underway around 10am, good size surf in the 3-4ft range, this being an open comp it was the luck of the draw which had been made on Friday, Ladies, Juniors, old blokes and the open guys were all frothin to get in.

We had the cream of UK Longboarding scene- Ben Skinner, Elliot Dudley, Ben Haworth, Nick Dowrick, Zak lawton, Angus Murray, Ashley Braunton, Phil Hill, Greg Robinson, Greg Norman & Alex Maddocks to name a few.  Most these guy’s know Croyde and knew as the tide dropped back Croyde would start to get, well, NASTY!
The surfing was as always stella, Alex Maddocks had two waves on a new board he’d not even seen till that morning that were just sick, a

lovely hang 5 into a couple of HUGE smacks and a lovely back hand wave that he just tore to shreds, he was rewarded with a gaggle of 8′s from the four judges, highest score of the day.  Then came Skinner answering back with an outrageous 10 pointer !!! Yeah baby, UK Longboarding is on fire- Hotter than a pair of Nikki Clark Hair Straighteners.

In the final the tide had dropped to low and true to form Croyde wanted to have it’s own back, after being blown away by some outstanding surfing.

The final quartet was made up of Ben Skinner, Elliot Dudley, Nick Dowrick and The Dream Teams very own Angus Murray. The music that was playing for the was fitting- Sympathy for the Devil, perfectly reflecting the hellish paddle out! Angus told me after ” I got out first and thought, s*%t I don’t really wanna be here! I paddled for some waves and looked down a vertical face into a HUGE pit and was glad I didn’t catch it !!! “  The guy’s did a great job with Elliot and Skinner trading waves, taking off then disappearing from spectators view in way overhead pits only to burst back into view with a smack off the top, Nick was scoring a few nice one’s along with Angus. The last five or so minutes saw all four guy’s in a line paddling on the inside and going no where, Croyde had won in the end! All the lad’s had the biggest grins on their faces as they walked up the beach to the judging van, shaking their heads knowing Croyde had had the last laugh, but who had won the comp? It was to be between the two maestros, Skindog & Elliot- nothing in it, Ben asked me as we walked up the beach, what d’ya reckon? all I could do was shrug my shoulders, close as.

less than 0.5 points separated 1st & 2nd.


1st Ben Skinner

2nd Elliot Dudley

3rd Nick Dowrick

4th Angus Murray

Junior Winner

Alex Maddocks

Ladies Winner

Clare Smale

Thanks to everyone involved for such a great day, judges, beach marshal and the Gold Coast Team.

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