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WBSC Eyeball/Distorted Grunta league 2

June 17, 2011

What better way to spend a Thursday afternoon than running a long overdue and double postponed grunta league comp i hear you cry, well that is exactly what happened yesterday.

With valuable ratings points up for grabs and some of the big guns missing it was to be a free for all to scrabble for a solid result in the 3ft onshore woolacombe waves. Gnarley Charlesworth the 1st contest winner, wasn’t anywhere to be seen, neither was Stuart Campbell, Cory Lawson, or the mighty Josh Witts who after getting knocked out in the first round last comp really need a podium finish to help his campaign.. Unfortunately its quite tricky to do that from baggage collection at Heathrow airport after a nice Greek holiday (or warm water training as he calls it)

Myself, Weeksie, and Archie (also needing a result after i wouldnt let him in the last comp for being late to check in) set up the site and were ready to roll.  The ever present threat of torrential rain was hanging over us but luckily the new Eyeball tent did the job and we also had some proper flashes of sunshine which seems to be increasingly unusual at this time of year.

Without further ado we blazed into round 1 of the open with some stacked heats. Myself , Arch, Weeksie and Ryan were pitted against each other first round with Ryan smashing the doors in and securing the win.. I pipped Arch for second and Weeksie followed up the rear.

The second heat was a clash. Taz was blazing with tail chucks and frontside reverses and getting scored big!! Birthday boy Jack Dougal looked like he was going to get dumped out as he grovelled his way into third with a series of lack lustre pumps. And the Late entry Ste Cocoran had the judges amused with his G-deck sliding and entertaining wipeouts which is probably why he sneaked 2nd through all the laughter..

Semi finals was reminiscent  of Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome, apart from the obvious exclusion of Tina Turner dancing around in rags…?  It was three men enter one man leaves in an important round as by now the trophys had turned up and everyone wanted a piece of the gravy..

Taz once again blazed his heat scoring 7′s and 8′s with me sniffing at the backdoor to get 2nd.  I’d earlier said to Jack that even though it was his birthday i wasnt giving him any favours in the heat…  Jack shed a tear and was last seen wandering off in the general direction of Gran Canaria..

Also Blazing thru to the final were Archie who was surfing like he meant it. And Ryan who had everyone worried with his shameless smashing of the lip.

The final was carnage, everyone had settled in and everyone was getting good scores 5′s 6′s and 7′s were commonplace and nearly everyone had scores to throw away..  In the end though it was a one horse race and the little man Taz knight secured his first Open Win, second and third place had to endure a 4 wave countback as it was so close but Paul “bcat” Barrington scraped this battle with Ryan Leat coming in third in his first ever final.. Sniffing at the bottom (as usual) was club chairman Archie (what choo talking about) Willis whos secured his dream of getting some points on the board.

The juniors Went in last with James Wilson showing class throughout and impressed with his surfing although it wasnt enough to beat the man on form and Taz did the double and smashed another victory..  The mighty Callum Campbell slid into third with Nick hanousek rolling into 4th.

It was straight up to Bar Electric for complementary Ice Cold Coronas (cheers Rob and Ed) and the presentations were made.

A big thank you to the guys at Eyeball and Distorted and Bar Electric and The Beachcomber Cafe and Parkins for making the comp possible, we need the local support and it helps us give something back to the contestants who have to struggle thru potentially gay conditions..

Rumour has it the next contest may be a limited entry Bar Electric comp with some serious prizes and new formats. followed by a flowrider comp at the Golden coast.. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page  for more details… yeeeeeeewwwwwwwww


1st Taz Knight

2nd Paul Barrington

3rd Ryan leat

4th Archie Willis



1st Taz Knight

2nd James Wilson

3rd Callulm Campbell

4th Nick Hanousek


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