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The weekly cook-up with cavie!!

June 8, 2011

Welcome to the Weekly Cook-up!!

No recipe this week yet…just wanted to give the old heads-up…

We all enjoy a good scoff, and if I’m honest – I’m impressed with the standard that most of my friends are at when ever I’m lucky enough to get cooked for. So I know y’all know your food, even if only to the level of appreciating a good plate when one’s put in front of your post-low-tide salivating chops!!

So, I thunk to meself….why not throw the odd recipe or idea up here for you to see, try, devour, steal for yourself etc….

That’s what we’re gonna do, and what better place to think of a new thing to fill the hole, than here on Eyeball, watch that webcam when you’re supposed to be workin…(I KNEW I wasn’t alone…), now you can waste even more of the boss’s precious time planning post-barrel-fest dinner as well as mind-surfing while you’re on the clock…

Watch this space my hungry compadres….


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