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Saltrock OPEN 2011

May 29, 2011

We’ve had our fair share of comps in onshores recently and today didn’t fail to impress. The Saltrock Croyde is one of the biggest contests of the U.K.P.S.T and offers valuable points and a solid wodge of cash for the winner which in turn brings in the big guns to duel it out in arguably one of the best beach breaks in the country, on its day.
Alas, today wasn’t to be that day, but it was definitely contestable and it was perfect to get things rolling along with the U12′s, U16′s, U16′s ladies, and the pro junior.
The little guys got thrown in at low tide and proceeded to smash the guts out of it, dropping into overhead three foot growlers. There were some slow heats and there were some smoking heats and as the tide pushed up the size increased.
The pro junior lads were showing some creative surfing, with local lads Alex Baker , and Campdog campbell impressing with some meaty wafts and aerial tomfoolery to progress through their heats.
The U16 ladies didn’t fail to impress in the final, with our girl Lucy dominating from start to finish although the entire field gave it everything. Lucy did a massive frontside turn on a set wave that looked like it was going to devour her like a little snack and got scored accordingly up in the excellent range.
The Knights family or ( The Wrights as i’m starting to call them i.e Owen, Tyler) had an ok day, unfortunately Taz got pipped in his U16 semi which after his win at Saltburn wasn’t the result he was after. But he is still in the Pro junior for tomorrow. And the Knight girls gave it a good crack in the Womens and i’m sure will be seen tomorrow in the Open ladies along with Flora Lawton.

The u16′s was dominated by Will Davey who with a smooth style and some big turns will be one to watch for the future. The lad in 2nd place (who’s name escapes me) came really close scoring a 9.77 and was left scrabbling for a 4.6 which never came… but still the highest single wave score of the day.

Liam Murray Strout cruised to victory in the u12′s and was stoked to hold up his cheque for fifty sheets..
Woolacombe regular and Saltrock minion Jamie Maxwell was on hand to dish out the trophies and cheques to the winners and the day was over.
A lot of heats were run today to allow us more time to select the best waves for the open competitors who will be donning the water first thing Sunday morning with a pushing tide all day.

So everyone who has nothing better to do with their damp Bank holiday Sunday come on over to Downend at Croyde and witness some of the best surfers in the country (and outside) and enjoy the amazing food stall that’s been run by the christian surfers and the free Relentless which has been fueling the team all day long.
Final thanks go’s out to the Dennis lad who has been waiting on the judging staff hand and foot all day long with tea’s and coffee’s and burgers even though he apparently had a ticket to the Champions League final at Wembley. He chose local!!!! Now that deserves respect… i would have given my right arm to watch Utd get their back doors smashed in live.

See you all tomorrow., peace out Bcat

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