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Beau Bromham in the water this evening @ the World Junior Surfing Championships

May 23, 2011

Croyde boy Beau Bromham has his Round 2 heat at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships coming up this evening and you can watch live on the Quiksilver ISA website.  He is due in the water at 11.20am local time – so check out the site and cheer him on!

The running order for today is Tom Good heat 27 at 8.30, Jaide Lowe heat 4 at 9.00, Tassy Swallow heat 8 at 10.20, Beau Bromham heat 4 at 11.20,Nathan Elms heat 5 at 12.00, Max Tucker heat 11 at 2.00, Gabi Rowe heat 20 at 2.20, Laura Crane heat 24 at 3.40.  All local time (6 hour time difference)

The full British team is:

Under 18 Boys
Max Tucker, Nathan Elms, Beau Bromham, Thomas Good

Under 16 Boys
Miles Lee Hargreaves, Jobe Harris, Harry Timson, Patrick Daniel

Under 18 Girls
Anastasia Swallow, Gabrielle Rowe, Laura Crane, Jaide Lowe

Team Manager – Joanne Hillman

Coach – Joey Buran

Team Official – Lloyd Cole


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