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ISA World Junior Surfing Championships Peru

May 18, 2011

The Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship will be held in the perfect rights and lefts of Caballeros and Señoritas from May 21 to 29. Over 250 of the best junior surfers from 27 countries will be competing for medals and the honor of defending their nations’ colors.

We caught up with Great Britain’s Beau Bromham for a chat after his first couple of days in South America:

How are you finding Peru, have you had some good waves so far?

Yeah, 2nd day in and waves are pumping!  It’s a bit of a scary set up though- out back today is like 20ft. People doing towins and stuff but a bit further in where we are is like 5-6ft solid.

Haha, yeah I heard it was meant to get pretty big! Will they hold the comp if it’s massive?

They would still hold it for sure because the set up here is on 2 points so there are channels.Although today would be debatable because you get the odd clean up set!! haha

Are you guys prepping yourselves for some big stuff then?

Yeah sort of, the swell is dropping after today but we will still be getting solid days I reckon. I’ve been trying out all the boards and getting it sussed so feeling good!

Sounds good, it’s been 1ft onshore slop here and cooollllddd!! How’s the weather and water temp there?

Ahh gutted for ya! Haha! That’s a good feeling after coming all this way knowing we are getting better waves haha!
The weather is a bit cloudy but warm! Like English summer, it’s the desert so doesn’t rain very much at all, the water temp is perfect- 3/2 short arm

Sounds rubbish!


How do you rate GB’s chances then? What kind of placing are you aiming for?

I think really good, everyone is honestly surfing well, we have got Joey Buran coaching us and our aim is to come within top 10. I don’t see any reason we can’t achieve that and even better, individually my aim is for top 20.

Who’s the favourites in your eyes? Have there been any stand outs in the water so far?

Well at the moment it’s just us and the Peruvians here so we’ve had some time on the breaks uncrowded.

Happy days!

But the Peru team is looking pretty good I wouldn’t be surprised if they do well!

Well on that note I guess I should let you get back to enjoying all those breaks to yourself with your new Peruvian amigos! Or is it beer o’clock there yet?!

Haha! Cheers mate, well no beers just about got water ha! Maybe I’ll head to the shop and get a couple of cheeky drinks in after the comp for sure! ha!

Ha ha nice one Beau, good luck mate! Have a good one!

The contest kicks of on May 21st and you can follow how the GB Team gets on, with live streaming here!

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