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First Ever Stale Fish Grab Air Reverse In Competition

May 6, 2011

Today at the ASP PRIME Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro, 17-year-old Kolohe Andino from San Clemente, California, pulled off the best [arguably the first], forehand-Stalefish-grab-air-reverse ever seen in a professional surfing competition [2:24 on video below]. In crystal clear skies the youngster threw everything at the three-foot high Trestles right-hander completing cleanly the manoeuvrer with style – an incredibly difficult thing to do due to the awkward nature of the grab, which involves reaching your trailing hand behind your legs on your heel-side rail. Not to mention the pressure of his round of 24 heat win being over an inform Dusty Payne from Hawaii.
The biggest aerial surfing faux pas is landing a move on your back – this was all the rage in the developing era’s of the eighties and nineties, but that shit just does don’t cut the mustard now days. Resisting the temptation to lay back on landing a Stalefish however is very high due to the awkward reach required – thus the kudos for a clean (and this case) mental rotation and landing.

Lower Trestles is well known for making average surfers look good, and good surfers look like gods… with its quarter-pipe ramp like shape, it’s perfect for such aerial adventures.

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