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English entry to the latest round of Innersection

May 2, 2011
Innersection is back for it’s ‘winter round’ with Reubyn Ash flying the flag for the UK.  For those that don’t know Innersection is a free surfing platform on which surfer’s submit 2-3 minute clips that are rated by viewers on the world wide web, with the best 20 selected for a final movie whilst the winner picks up a cool $100,000.
Below is an interview from Innersection.tv with Tim Boydell, the man behind Reubyn’s entry:
NAME:Tim Boydell


AGE: 25

HOME: Newquay in Cornwall, UK
PREVIOUS PROJECTS: So far I have only had one main project. Over the last year I have been desperately trying to find the money and time to get away and search out new waves in the UK with my close friends. We have some serious waves here and no one has ever seen them (until recently) let alone surfed them. Once people see what we have uncovered, their opinions on the UK are going to change for sure.

SURFER: Reubyn Ash

INNERSECTION: GEE, NICE SURF SHOT. YOU MIGHT WIN THE FILMMAKERS HEAT, SO FAR. TIM BOYLE: Yes…makes it very very hard to stand behind a camera, I prefer to shoot water so I can feel involved. I want to keep getting barrelled and improving my own surfing, but someone had to pick up a camera so we can live this life of searching and surfing.

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH EDITING REUBYN’S SECTION? I’ve known Reubs for a few years now. He’s a very talented surfer but the last 2-3 years he’s just gone through the roof. It says so much about a person who can push surfing to the limit of their imagination and be innovative. I admired that. I live and breathe cameras and cinema-photography, so I pestered and pestered him to let me try something for him. I have nothing to prove, I just need opportunities to try and I was lucky enough that he agreed to take a gamble.

WERE YOU FAMILIAR WITH INNERSECTION BEFORE ALL THIS? I put a section together last year for Oli Adams. He came round with a bit of footage from all sorts of cameras and we tried to put something together. Oli rips and it got some good feedback but it didn’t make the cut. You cant make the cut on an international stage like this without something special, and thats the coolest thing about Innersection. Its pushing surfing and surfing filmmakers to come up with something extra. It’s the x-factor of surfing.

COOL. I GET STOKED TO HEAR WHEN GUYS DON’T GET FRUSTRATED BY NOT QUALIFYING. IT’S TOUGH IN THERE. DID REUBYN HAVE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS EDIT? I only got Reub’s footage a week ago. He came up with this mental tune and he left me to it for a few days. I got the backbone to what I thought was cool, but as I hadn’t filmed the waves I couldn’t remember where all the good clips were so we had to sit down and he said, “I’ve got a better clip like that one…but bigger.” It was good to sit down and go through it together like that. He’s actually very understanding of what makes a section flow and we both agreed with almost everything…which is nice at 3 am.

I RECENTLY DID A PROFILE ON REUBYN AND THE FEEDBACK WAS THAT PEOPLE THOUGHT HE WAS TOO COCKY AND LACKED SOLID RAIL SURFING — DID YOU SEE THAT? HOW WOULD YOU RESPOND TO THOSE COMMENTS? I’ve known Reubyn for a few years. He was definitely cocky when he was 15/16, but what 16 year old doing air reverses isn’t? The last 5 years I’ve known him as far more chilled out. I’m surprised at the interview really… I don’t think he said those things. If he did, they certainly weren’t meant in the way they were portrayed. We’ve just been in each others pockets for 2 days and he seems very sincere and kept making me tea…so I don’t see the ‘David Beckham’ or ‘Prince Naseem’ the interview portrayed, and I never have. He was pretty shocked to read it himself as far as I’m aware.

MAYBE I SHOULD PLAY YOU GUYS THE TAPE. BUT I’D DEFINITELY AGREE THAT PEOPLE TOOK IT ALL THE WRONG WAY. REUBYN IS A VERY NICE GUY AND GREAT SURFER. I WAS BUMMED AT THE REACTION MYSELF…BUT GLAD AT LEAST TO SEE A REACTION. ANY PUBLICITY…AS THEY SAY. Yeah, well, as far as the surfing goes, whittling down 4 minutes of clips has been pretty hard. What do you keep in? Does a smooth cut back over power a tweaked air reverse? I think certain clips flow and some don’t. The pick ups in the tune need to work with the waves, the colours the surfing etc., etc. We have thrown out a few super smooth ‘macho cuttys’ for airs, that’s for sure. I’ve just been watching this stuff thinking, “Is there anything he can’t do?” I’m jealous of his style.

HOW MANY SICK AIRS DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE OUT? I literally can’t believe we were watching some clips and I was going, “No, that one has weird looking spray, cut it.” Having said tha, we were super tight on time and we got over that after a while. Personally, I just liked the yellow board and wanted all those clips in. There was a whole bunch of clips from an overcast day that got thrown out. Now he knows that’s when I can go surfing.

REUBYN HAD TOLD ME HIS FRONTSIDE RODEO — AKA, “REUBYO FLIP” WAS GETTING UNVEILED ON INNERSECTION…BUT THEN IT APPEARED IN A SHORT WEB VIDEO (BARING IT FROM ANY INNERSECTION USAGE). WERE YOU AWARE OF ANY OF THIS? Yeah we spoke about that and he said he wasn’t happy putting a new trick into his entry that he didn’t land super clean. He is buzzing to land one and I’ve seen some bonkers attempts, but I agree with him. If it aint super clean, its not good enough for Innersection.

WHAT’S YOUR GENERAL IMPRESSION OF REUBYN? He needs to stop conditioning his hair. It looks like the worst ’80s mullet, possibly even worse than the king of ’80s mullets in the UK: Mitch Corbett. And I also got him to stop saying “innit.” I explained the English pronunciation was “isn’t it”, short for “is it not”. Like they used to say in the war and that innit.

DO YOU THINK HE’S OVER-LOOKED FOR HIS LEVEL OF TALENT BECAUSE HE’S FROM ENGLAND, INNIT? I think you could say that in general really, but it’s not so much that English or Euro surfers are over-looked internationally, it’s just that the surfing community this side of the pond isn’t as big. We have one or two super talanted kids to Australias 15 to 20 at every break. The “surfing machine” just isn’t big enough for how many talented surfers there are in the world, so for anyone to make it onto the international stage you become a needle in a hay stack. But what we really hope is that rather than us push our surfers and waves out there, people will have the interest on an international scale to want to see us and what the UK has to offer.

IF YOU QUALIFY…DO YOU HAVE SOME IDEAS OF HOW YOU’D LIKE TO RE-MAKE THE SECTION FOR THE MOVIE? If we qualify, then I’ll probably burst with excitement. So someone else will have to make it. I have so many ideas it’s hard to know where to start. Assuming Reubyn’s foot heels soon, then an entire new section will be made from scratch. We want to make something like no one has ever seen before. I know people always say that, but if we can get the time and money to work on a vision I’ve talked to him about then we are only relying on swell and sun. No pressure then. Ha.

WHAT ELSE ARE YOU WORKING ON THESE DAYS? I’m actually an electrician by trade, but this last year I’ve been working on becoming a cameraman/media person, so I’m just working on that change in career. It seems to be getting good feedback, so I’m ecstatic. No more dust please. Other than that I will be just chasing the swells and living the dream, desperatelly saving for lenses.


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