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Dane Reynolds’ Neck Beard

April 22, 2011

Dane Reynolds just has released a new signature surfboard. It’s short, fat and the tail’s abrupt.

Dane Reynolds’ signature surfboard, the Dumpster Diver, is one of the most purchased signature-surfboard models in the world.
It’s one of Channel Islands’ biggest sellers (along with the KS models). According to Zoc Zorica from CI Australia, the DD became a needed model in the marketplace and now most other board manufacturer’s have created some version of the design. But CI take that as a compliment.

Dane may be absent from the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach due to lingering knee injury, but things aren’t completely silent in his camp – he’s just released a new surfboard model through Channel Islands, called the Neck Beard. The NB is a variation of the DD – a little more girth through the nose and tail, with a single-double concave and a V in the bottom (the DD is single concave the whole way through.)

But the most noticeable difference is the chop-tail, which is actually closer to what the original DD had. The chop-tail encourages more top to bottom, vertical surfing. It’s not just for knee-high waves either – Dane’s been riding the thing in up to just above head-height. The board comes with carbon heel and toe patches for more strength and, for 50 bones more, y’can get it with five fin slots to run it as a quad. Ride four to six inches shorter than your height. Check it out on the Channel islands site, here.

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