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WBSC Eyeball Hunter Grunta League Comp 1

April 17, 2011

Fresh from the contest battlefield that was the “WBSC Eyeball Hunter Grunta league comp 1″…

The day started early and held promise of waves and fine weather.. Bcat set off early to rendevue with the WBSC chairman Archie who had previously the night before, been messaging him saying how he would be there and waiting to help set up the contest site. However, upon getting to archies, banging on the door, texting his phone, shouting up at his window and revving the van loudly outside his house there was no sign of him… leaving lone ranger Bcat to set up the contest site on his tod.

2 hours later when check in was complete and the heats were drawn, Chairman Archie rolls in babbling somthing about having a lot to drink the previous evening in a local nightclub and then “can i enter”… Bcat pulls the quote “rules is rules”, Davo wouldnt have let you in back in the 90′s! Archie leaves unimpressed muttering that Wittsie was supposed to have checked him in… he didnt, CASUALTY 1, Archie willis.

So with the site up and running at combsegate, a dropping tide, and 2-3ft glassy peelers it was game on.. straight in with the first round of the juniors.. In the first heat of the day a score was dished out to Will Bailey that rarely gets used in woolacombe boardriders comps, Ester Spears the UK Head Judge dropped the 10 point score for a combo of big hacks to the beach… Alex Gibson and Cory Lawson were also standouts in the first round along with woolacombes answer to John John florence, James Wilson.. who was noted to be throwing some nice shapes.

The first round of the Open followed, with the top flight of woolacombe judging at the helm, oiled up with hawaiian tropic and the scent of corned beef sandwhiches in the air the first round threw up some shockers. In the first round of the Open Charley ‘wheres my profile’ Charlesworth blazed into form doing what he needed to to take first in his heat, an In form Thorndog cruised his first heat, but shock results came from Bp super model Jack Dougal and an even bigger shock was the demise of title hopefull Josh “Pro Surfer, I burn real easy” Witts, at the hands of James “the giant killer” Wilson. As you can imagine Josh had not been ready for this and was not best pleased.. He huffed and puffed around for a while and then cooled off in the water… CASUALTY 2, Josh Witts.

Eyeballs own Paul ‘first round ‘Barrington aka Bcat had a nasty heat up against the old nemesis Rob Weekes and Alex Gibson. Weeksie had Bcat in the Tony Renyard comp in the first round, sticking a nickname to him, so he was ready to punish his ass. “Gibson always beats me aswell” said Bcat so he was keen to smash them all up in a huge massive spray throwing extravaganza. Everyone else had other plans… Bcat started early with a couple of shralps and the odd floater and was feeling good.. Then, Weeksie dropped two waves in quick combo leaving Bcat thinking “damn” gingers on it..! Then Bcat see Ryan Leat smashing two quick waves as well… Bcat gets one more ok one and then on the hooter Gibson gets a bomb set and secures the win… Bcat scams himself into 2nd and the other boys get a stiff lesson why you dont mess with Bcat. (or grommets).

Semis of the juniors was standard high octane stuff, Will, Alex, Cory and the sneaky Morgan roberts to secure their 4 man final.

Over in the open semis, both heats were grubby. Charlie had Alex, Jack Freeman and Morgan.  Bcat had Thorndog, Cory and James Wilson… This is where it went and got interesting…

Bcat got his best wave before the heat started and whilst paddling back out thinking ” ideal i’ve got a keeper under me belt” the shouts from giant killer Wilson “it was before the hooter” pushed an unimpressed Bcat into self destruct mode – Thorndog and Cory tore it apart … although Thorndog also interfered with Cory on a wave and had a penalty (Weeksie also tells us Ester wanted to call another one on him for a seperate incident but was overruled by the judges… Thorndog moves on, Bcat is renamed Paul ‘Semi Final’ Barrington. Result is Thorndog first place with 1 wave, Cory second. Bcat miffed, James ‘giant killer’ Wilson just stoked to have made the semi.

Finals time.. The junior final saw some big hitting in the pushing Combsegate tide with the top two tangling for the glory.. it was Will Bailey coming out tops in the end with Alex Gibson sneaked into second. Third was Cory lawson and bringing up the back gate was Morgan Roberts.

The open final promised waftage and fluttering of the heartbeats as more oil was applied at the judging area and the finalists hit the water.. Charley opened up with a barrage of fast tight manouveres and posted about 6 waves over a score of 5 points Thorndog was gobbling at his heels with some Tdog grunta rights and was banging some eye wincing gouges.. Gibbo was struggling in the awe of the glorious elder generation and along with Cory struggled to get their waves. In the end 1st went to the man from the dark side , Charley ‘let me have a profile’ Charlesworth , with Nick ‘Thorndog’ Thorn sniffing at his fins to gain 2nd place.. The groms had been surfing double heats all day and were clearly tired and Coreys face looked like you could fry a full english on his face, which is why Alex Gibson did well to get 3rd and corey 4th.

Everyone went back to the wonderful suntrap that is Bar Electric where the boys laid on free burgers for all the competitors which is a real show of backing from a local bar that is our new adopted presentation pub. Keep the burgers coming boys..!

Prizes were dished out courtesy of Eyeball and Hunter Boardwear to all the finalist. There were supposed to be some cracking engraved medals but there was a minor big bird shaped mishap with collecting them on Saturday afternoon and they were doomed to spend the rest of the weekend in the engravers shop in Green lanes shopping centre. So all 8 finalists will be invited to Bar Electric this Wednesday night for a Winners dinner of a all you can eat curry and the collection of their trophies.. We’ll be down there from seven tucking into the prawn boona.

Big thanks to guys at Hunter Boardwear for throwin up some sweet prizes, Parkin Estates, to everyone that helped, Ester, all the judges, the surfers, the sponsors and to the Eyeball Grunta leagues party partners in crime Bar Electric for all the support. Thank you guys – with that kind of support we’ll help our WBSC club go from strength to strength and lead us to world domination.. mwmwmaahahahahah.

Special mention also goes to Eyeballs very own Bcat, who as you may have guessed… helps write this.

Photo: Open Winner Charly ‘bandit from over the hill’ Charlseworth (left) & Bcat (right).

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