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Coldwater Classic Thurso is a GO!

April 13, 2011

NEWS FROM THURSO… the first heat of the the Round of 96 will be in the water at 9 AM so get logged on!

O’neill Coldwater Classic is a go, with the first day of the waiting period greeting the event with perfect Thurso East. 4-5 ft Northwest swell and no wind in Thurso – a first in the history of the CWC Scotland!

This is set to be an epic encounter, with some of the worlds top surfers in attendance and with the added bonus of our boy Stu Campbell to go in heat 16 – go meatballs go!! Surfers to watch out for – Reub Pearce in heat 5. Sam Lamiroy in heat 8. Russ Winter in heat 10. Alan Stokes & Jayce Robinson in heat 12. Oli Adams in heat 15. Chris Noble in heat 17. Micah Lester in heat 20. Tom Butler in heat 21. Mitch Corbett in heat 24.

Surfers in the water NOW – Check out all the action at Thurso here!

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