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April 5, 2011

This is my second consecutive week in the North Devon Journal, with another feature pending – rumoured to be as a certain Bill Clinton… you heard it here first!

Grand relaunch for Trevor’s clever idea

TOMORROW will be a big day for one Woolacombe resident.
The world will get to see the latest incarnation of Trevor Lumley’s eyeball-surfcheck website.
Trevor has been a fixture in the village since his move there from London in 1987 and has been providing a surf forecasting service since the mid-Nineties.
He said: “I used to holiday here in the Seventies, doing the whole camper thing with my wife and the kids, and we fell in love with the place.
“We were like a lot of people, we would dream about moving to Woolacombe but it was just a wild idea.”
A decade of working for Kodak enabled him to pursue his dream and the family moved to Woolacombe in 1987 when he bought The Sands Hotel overlooking the beach.
Trevor said: “I had the best teacher and surf buddy to introduce me to the wave.
“Neil Clifton, who went on to be a British champion, was a waiter in the restaurant and he got me hooked.
“I’d see him out back and just knew that was where I wanted to be.
“I’m sure they were shocked the first time I made it out back.”
Starting out on a mini-mal, he soon graduated to a longboard and has been a happy glider since. Bitten by the surfing bug, he saw the opportunity to make ends meet by turning the hotel over to local surfers in the winter.
“It was a great time, I was immersed in surf culture and I absorbed it all,” said Trevor.
“We would wait for the BBC weather forecast every night so we could check the pressure charts and try to figure out when surf was on the way.
“We would measure and map lows and there would always be a cheer when we could see Lynmouth was going to work.”
Soon people from far and wide were calling the hotel for an honest surf check.
A premium-rate number with a daily surf report and three-day prediction followed, then, as the first waves of the internet revolution hit, Trevor’s website came into being.
“It started off as just a page with a photo and a report and has grown to have live webcams of all the local beaches,” he said.
It is the honesty of his reports, never hyping it up, that have gained respect.
The site is used by thousands to gauge surf conditions and Trevor is looking forward to a bright future when the site is relaunched tomorrow.
“I’m excited as well as nervous,” he said.
“It feels like I’ve been given the chance to spread the love with guys I’ve surfed with and leave a legacy.
“I’m also looking forward to the chance of taking time off.”
During which he can carry on his sideline as a Bill Clinton impersonator.
“I’ve done a few gigs and it’s really fun,” said Trevor. “I’ve done personal appearances in London as well as some film stuff.”
Eyeball is sponsoring this year’s Woolacombe Boardriders contests, which start on Sunday.

Thanks to the North Devon Journal and Rob Tibbles for the article.

Lloydy and my bro’ inlaw Steve are well jealous, innit!

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